Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Green-Induced Mode

There's something about green that I couldn't really figure it out. I'm not sure when or why I'm always attracted to the colour, all I know is that I tend to be very bias where green is concerned. :P

If you remember the Pastel Palette magical tree that got me pretty excited before, this one is simply a re-creation of the tree, minus the palette hehe. I use shades of green, out of curiousity of how it'd look like.

It's a simple card, full of blooming swirls. It does take away the flirtatious mood without the colourful petals, but on the good sides, the green swirls look so fresh.. and as bias as I am, I'm loving everything about it!

I've thoroughly enjoyed snapping photos of this particular card - it was right after the rain, so the leaves were very fresh and pretty looking, thus making the card alive.

On days like this, I wish I could make more green-induced cards. :)



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