Sunday, May 16, 2010


This message really made my day, and I think it deserves a mention here. I'm so excited to share this!

miyah, this tree reminds me of one of ur cards in your blog - the one with one small vase and tonnes of gorgeous, pastel quills. 

And she tagged me this photo:

She was, of course referring to this card:

You have no idea how excited I was! I basically gasped and shrieked with glee. The tree does exist! THE TREE IS REAL! And it does come in many different colours! OMG this made my heart skipped a beat. Or two.

On the downside, the tree wasn't really a grown tree with natural coloured leaves - they actually tied artificial flowers on the tree to made them that way. But isn't that crafty? And at least mine produced bubble gums, lollipops and icy lemonade  hehehe. Guess where she found the tree? In a theme park called Everland in Korea. Yes, EVERLAND - that's close enough to my Wonderland lalalalalala. Dreams do come true, ay? How awesome is that? :)

This dear friend is called Su, and she happened to visit Korea last month, and decided to snap this pic and tagged me on Facebook. Su, have I told you how much I love you for this? I seriously owe you one (will magnets be okay in exchange for making my day brighter?! - I know you'd love them hehehehe)


  1. hehehehehehe..... i swear to God i saw your face the moment i laid eyes on the tree! kept thinking to myself - why do i associate this tree to you????? man, your imagination came true babe! are you sure they didn't create this tree out of your dreams? kekekekeke....

    glad u like the pic dear. visit the place sometime. it's seriously cool!

    and to answer ur question, YES! magnets would be the GREATEST!!!!! remember me when you see magnets, as i do you everytime i see colourful flowers and this tree!

    cheers mate!

  2. goodness...that tree is so gorgeous!!! Imagine the amount of work they put in creating those colorful flowers on the tree! I love it! I love your quilling tree too....the colors are so sweet! Like candy :)

  3. Hi! You won an award. Pls come over to my blog to receive it!

  4. Wow, you are so creative. The tree is really beautiful.



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