Friday, November 07, 2008

Tutorial - Paper Cake

I've finished all my classes by have been busy with RA work as well as my thesis proposal. Try to find time for crafting, and hopefully by the time I've submitter my proposal, I'll have time to do craft again. :)

Well, as promised, here's a tutorial on the "cake" as posted in the previous entry.

What you'll need:
2 manila cards (or any other better quality paper of the same size)
Double-sided tape
Scissors (or knife)
Box template

Cake Decorati0n:
Quilled roses (or any other type of flowers that that you prefer)

The box template can be found HERE - and this template is just perfect in size for 12 pieces of "cake". I've found a few other templates, but this is the best, and easiest one so far. What I did was, I printed out the template and traced the template on a cardboard. The cardboard template comes in handy what you want to design 12 templates for all the 12 pieces, and you can just recycle the cardboard template for your next cakes as well.

Once you have traced and cut the template, fold them so it will be like this:

And then you can decorate them all you want. As for me, I used things I love most - quilled roses hehe since my then theme was a "wedding cake". I've put the tutorial on how to make quilled roses before so that would come in handy.

First I rolled loose quilled peds and glued them on each of the cake piece:

Then I made the roses together with the swirls as glued them on around the cake - one rose on one piece of cake.

The centrepiece was the hardest one and you would require lots and lots of patience (if you don't have a steady hand like me heh!). First I cut out a scallop, then I started to paste the flowers as a bouquet. Make sure the glue for each flower dried first before continuing to glue others. Or else you could be VERY upset and stressed when the flowers did not turn out the way you want them to be.

I didn't paste the centrepiece in the midle of the cake, but just put them there. Don't glue the centrepiece, or else it would be difficult to distribute the cakes to your guests/ friends/yourself hehe.

And this would be your final result:

I actually found the idea at Mainly Flowers blog by Joanne - a truy WONDERFUL blog on many WONDERFUL ideas on paper flowers. She just posted a new flower-making tutorial, and I love that to pieces!

Try to make your own personalised cake, and don't forget to brag all about it yeah!

p/s thanks Sara for some of the pics.


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