Monday, July 16, 2012

Flowers in your book

I know it's easier to use punches or dies to cut the flower petals, but I guess I'm the traditionalist who cut everything using scissors. A messy  work, but I like it even more hehe.

Funny how I hardly use bookmarks (and thus, always scramble my way looking for the  right pages haha). I know  some people who love using them, so these girlish flowers are for them. :)

The bookmark tutorial was also featured in Remaja 15th June 2012 edition. :-)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Tips: Quilling Typography

Typography quilling using old magazine

I've received so many requests for typography tutorial. I couldn’t find time to do the exact tutorial, but I hope this entry will help a lot.

You can do your typography using one of these tutorials:

Craftastical Monograpm Quilling

Mezcraft for Instructables

Pritesh’s Quilled Lettering Tutorial

Typography on old mag using simple quilling designs

 However, there are also few crucial points I would like to add in keeping your typography neat and tidy:
  • I like to use PVA white glue for all my typography works. It dries faster and hold your paper pretty nicely. A quick tip: I usually put a dash of pva glue on a paper plate and leave it for a while. By the time I started quilling, the glue would be sticky enough to hold the quilling shapes and dries faster. It would also be easier for you to clean if you mess up.
  •  If you’re just starting typography, use thicker paper for the typography outline.
  • The bigger the letters, the easier it is to quill. So start with big-sized letters. Once you’re familiar with it, you can give smaller-sized letters a try.
  • Practice makes perfect. With lots of practices, and researches, I’m pretty sure that you’ll find your own favourite style :)
  • Typography quilling is one art that requires lots of patience, and sometimes it took me days, or even weeks to finish (and few papercuts here and there). Don’t easily give up. The above tutorials are THEIR ways of doing it, but you can always bend the ways, and create your own. :)
Give it a try, and  good luck!


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