Friday, March 30, 2012

Roses are for men (too).

This one reminds me of Guns and Roses.

I wanted to put guns on the card, but that would be too much. Plus, I don't do violence. So I had the striped pattern at the back, for the jail. Hee...

Now it reminds me of good old Prison Break. Scofield FTW!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Books I adore

Few months back I had the opportunity to widen my craftscope and took up new challenge by attending bookbinding workshop organised by Little Syam. Yes, I do know the basic of bookbindings, as I've done them before (even posted some on the blog). However, I do believe that even with the easily-found tutorials online, you still need a real teacher to teach you things that youtube can't. I've learned a lot from Kak Syam - the techniques, the little tips you might miss, the types of paper/ glue/ tools etc. I would totally encourage those of you who are interested in bookbinding to join her class, as you'd get pretty much more than what you're expecting. At least I know I did.

This was one of the first few books I've made after attending the class (and I've continued making 12 others in a span of 1 month, for practice LOL). I use scrapbook paper as the base and brown recycle paper for the book signatures.

It doesn't even look like my style (which I think is more grungy and 'quilly' haha), but I've enjoyed experimenting anyway. Sometimes you just need to delve into something that is out of your comfort zone, to improve yourself.

Friday, March 23, 2012

This way to friends.

This one was done half-asleep, half-closed eyes, and I even took a few minutes' nap in between cutting the paper and gluing the strips. Crrraaazyy things you do just to finish a card at midnight.

And the owner of the card was right beside me, watching the whole process (and making a card for me as well hehehe).

Midnight crafting can be very tiring, but having a friend beside you who's willing to sacrifice sleep for paper makes it worthwhile.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Classics.

From the pages of To Kill a Mockingbird.

No, I don't 'kill' books on daily basis. I don't 'kill' books at all. I happened to have two copies of the same book backdated 10 years ago, and knowing I couldn't possibly read both books at the same time, I decided to sacrifice one, for arts.

I still have another, for keep. :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Of Orchids

I'm no flower expert, and I always think that my flowers are the roughest paper flowers ever made (zoom up and you'll see every crooked detail there is).

Making this was a challenge on its own. I'm not into the conventional feminine colours for mothers/ women like pink, purple, peach, red etc, and I wanted to portray that subdued, poised card befitting a great mother. So I ended up with this.

It's a bit on the retro side, with a dash of graceful femininity. I love the quilled orchids the most, because it took a while (and a bit of research) to come up with the end design. I sure hope they look like vanilla orchids.

Have I told you that the best cards I think I've made are all for moms? :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just Desserts

I love cooking shows, and Top Chef: Just Desserts is simply my favorite. Desserts are my favourite food in the world (I really need to tone down the sugar level).

This frame was inspired by the Just Desserts show, and was made as a housewarming gift for my brother (it was a belated gift).

Friday, March 09, 2012

Well-fed butterflies.

A bit on the retro side.

And you'll never go wrong with some big fat fancy butterflies.
As you can see, they're fed very well, thankyouverymuch.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

If in doubt, quill a cake.

Old photos, that come with all the sweetness.

In my mind, I was making a vanilla wedding cake.

To a friend, it looked more like a cheese cake.

Another said it was a butter cake with royal frosting.

And someone else insisted that it was a vanilla with strawberry-filled cake.

It's true then. We only see what we want to see.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

For Moms

My kryptonite: Mother's cards.

It's the type of card I love doing most, and would never get tired of doing them. For mothers deserve the most amazing things in life.


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