Sunday, December 20, 2009

Goodies for Aqiqah

Ayra Natasha must be one lucky baby.

That's what I thought during the process of making these goodies. Ayra's mum wanted specially made goodies, and handpicked each items carefully. And my task was to design the paperbags, wrap each goodies carefully and later tagged them with hand-made tags.

This is my first bulk order, so I'm very meticulous with the outcome. At first the order was for 50 goodie bags, then was later increased to 100. I think she wanted to order more, but due to time constrains, I have to stop at 100. It's been very tiring, but I think it's all worth it once I've seen the finish products.

Let's start with the invitation cards to the Majlis Aqiqah (she only wanted two for her husband's boss and office):

The cards came in two colours, and they're made with similar design concept for the whole Aqiqah event - pink and white. (p/s Ayra's parents were in the blurry background frame on the the top pic). Here's the close up for the flowers and the invitation:

As for the goodies, these were what's inside the paper bag:


(this is how the original lollipops looked like)

Marshmallow packet(s):

Cute Pink ladybird (or was it a bug) saving(s). I totally forgot to take the aftermath pics for the saving, so it's a bit sad that I can't show how it's done here. But at least you could see the bug, right? The bug was wrapped in a tulle, and was also given a tag similar to those of lollipops.

And here's the paperbags that I made:

Altogether I've done:

100 paperbags

100 medium-size tags (for the paperbags)

100 medium-size flowers (for the paperbag tags)

300 small-size flowers (for the lollipops, marshmallow packets and the bugs) and 200 small-size tags (for the goodies)

*Pat on my back for finishing all of these on time haha*

This should be how the goodie bags looked like once all the three items were arranged inside (sorry the pic was a bit blurry - I was in a hurry!):

And last but not least, after seeing Ayra Natasha's name for the 102nd time, I finally got to meet the lucky girl:

Such a lucky cutie! (LOL for the picture-spam entry haha)

Footnote: Aqiqah is an Islamic event done to welcome a newborn baby to the world, by sacrificing animal(s) and the cooked meat were served during the occasion. Aqiqah is also known as a baby announcement event where families, friends and neighbours were invited to celebrate the blessed occasion. And sometimes during the event, (where it's more like culture-related) the newborn would have his/her first haircut.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Going Retro?

I've been busy submitting the final hard cover version of the thesis (yeay! It's finally THE END!) and attending to few @Kertas orders. It's been tiring, but fun.

As for the entry, this should have been posted ages ago, but I was caught up with something else.. so here goes..

This is actually a repeated order for Jewelery Box. But this time, she wanted pink and black box for her sister's birthday. I searched for the black/pink design on pattern paper for days, until I finally found a nice one at One Utama. And I got the idea for the retro design based on the design on the pattern paper itself.

I basically used 4 different pink tones, white and black to make all the peds. The peds alone took several days to make (it's fun rolling them when watching tv, watching kdrama online and when in passenger seat on the way to Kelantan/ Terengganu haha). And this is what they looked like from close up:

The inside of the box was also black and pink in colours, and had 5 compartments instead of the previous 4. Basically this jewelery box was similar in width, but slighly longer in length. As for the inside design, instead of putting the owner's name like I did last time, I put a mirror instead, surronded by black and pink quilled frame.

This is how the mirror (and the frame) looked like in close up:

The box came with a card attached, and as written on the card, the jewelery box was meant for Dada.

Hopefully Dada's birthday present this year would put a grin on her face. Happy belated birthday dear!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Thank you

Dear readers,

Thank you for being patience.

I've been quite busy lately that it's hard to find time to update the blog. Or even the facebook. (will tell you soon enough about my current project). Anyhow, I'll keave with this simple card made of quilled flowers (yet again!).

The quilled flowers were pre-made so the making of the card took me less than 5 minutes to design. Currently my quilled flowers collection has amounted up to 200 pieces and they're of multi-colours. So it's definitely helpful when I need to make an instant card since I already have the pre-quilled items.

The word THANK YOU was stamped using alphabet stamps set that I bought at Popular Book Store, which only costs me RM12.50 - for the whole A-Z letters. It's very cheap, to compare to the ones sold at local craft store. I love the messiness the letters made hehe, so I'm definitely recommending the alphabets set to everyone. If you're a Popular card member, the current promotion would have the stamps set sold at 10% discount - so you can buy the set at RM11.25 each! (I just got my numbers stamps set today hehe with the same price)

Just a caution - not all Popular stores sell the stamps sets. I found mine at Popular Bukit Raja, Klang. Have fun hunting for the stamps!


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