Thursday, June 30, 2011


There are many reasons to celebrate.

Getting a new job is one of them.

Getting a new studio is also one of them.

And starting afresh is also a great reason to celebrate.

What's your reason?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Royal Wedding (Part 5)

Another set of typography, for the groom's lunch reception.

My favourite, really, for the woody-wood feel to the words.

(I need to do other names apart fro these two LOL)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Royal Wedding (Part 4)

Out of all the handmade things I made for the wedding, this ought to be my favourite. These hantarans were made a day before the wedding reception, and took me less than few hours to assemble everything - it's nice to have natural resources (lots of trees) around your house hehe.

Each of the hantaran was decorated with a pantun plaque. Pantun is a four verse poem that rhymes and always been associated with expressing poetic feelings in Malay culture. My father is an avid fan of anything poetic, so he made 9 out of 11 pantuns all by himself. Trust me, even I have problems in understanding the words that he used for the pantun heh.

I bought the plaques at one of the art stores and decoupage them with the pantuns. The process wasn't that hard, but it took me few days too, since each step needs to be thoroughly coated with sealant to make the plaques waterproof.

Oh. And I did incorporate a lil bit of quilling in one of the hantarans hee...

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Royal Wedding (Part 3)

The favours.

Sorry for being quiet for a while. Life has taken its toll on me, and I was in a mess, trying to figure out things (my eyebags were really bad these few months!). It's calmer now, and I'm trying to pick up the pieces again. There are many new things I did and I can't wait to blog all about them!

Let's continue from where we left, shall we?

Here are the favours that we made for my sister's wedding. I altered the Ma'thurat (prayer book) for the Akad Nikah (solemnization ceremony), and gave them out for the guests:

And I made the tags stamped with white chalk ink for the guest reception favours (we bought the ready-made woven box):

 ... and packed the ice gems biscuits for our little guests as well.

Last but not least, these handmade fridge magnets were made few weeks before the wedding, for my sister's close friends:

(I know, I went a wee bit crazy with everything LOL).


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