Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Twins

Does this card look familiar?

Yes, this card was my inspiration for the header of this blog. I made the card ages ago... hmm... I think it was around 2004 or 2005. It was more of a gift tag than a card, since it was small in size. This was, and is my favourite card of all times. It was really simple to make, and I had no craft punch yet, so I cut the leaves using normal scissors. And all the papers used for the making of the card were the leftovers from other cards that I made. And I was so proud of it that I edited the digital version of the card and transformed it into the header you see. :)

And about a month ago, I tried duplicating the card, something I'm not really good at, but tried anyway. Okay, I was eager to start using the paper shredder that I bought the other day hahaha. So here's the 'twin' version of the above card, this time using quilling as the theme:

It was bigger in size, and you can feel the texture of the card since I used the quilled papers. I still prefer the 'elder' twin though haha, but of course, I couldn't love the younger one less... :)

Now, look at the differences in each of the leaves:

Can you see the differences? For this card, I actually used quilled papers that were cut using the paper cutter and the paper shredder. Can you guess which is which?

The yellow and the lighter green ones were cut using the paper shredder, and I love how the shredder personalised the quilled papers, as if there're pre-cut texture to them. If you know what I mean. The uneven darker green were cut using normal paper cutter, and similar result could also be found if you used scissors to cut the strips.

And thus, the result (ignore the technical glitch that I made when trying to re-draw the ugly 'branches' haha). Can't wait to do more designs using the paper shredder as my main tool!


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