Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Pastel Palette

It's going to be a very pastel-ish week at Miyyah@Kertas. So you're warned!

I've been using the whole pastel palette for the past few days, and I keep on getting addicted to the colours! The softness of blue, the sweetness of pink, the lightness of yellow... all colours look sugary sweet and it does bring out the girlish side in me LOL!

This dreamy ol' tree is exactly the way I envisioned it to be. I've always wanted to have a tree with colourful branches and leaves. Grab a branch, and you'll never know what kind of sweet little things the tree will give you.

The blue swirls and branches are the ones that produce bubble gums, the pink ones belong to marshmallows, the orange and yellow branches have the taste of icy lemonade, and the purple ones produce lollipops!

Wouldn't it be nice, to have such tree growing in your backyard?


  1. comel.....
    miyyah, ribbon tu kat bake with yen pun ade jual. rm4.50 segulung. 13.7m(15yard).

  2. tu la, ingatkan dah abis murah dah beli, siap beli one in every colour lagi... hehe.. next time tau nak beli kat mane. nnt sy update Found section balik... thanks kak ti

  3. salam..tumpang tanya,kt atas ni gune kertas ke ribbon ek?kt mne blh dpt bnde tu?hehe



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