Friday, December 21, 2012

Classic Wedding (Part 2: Hand Bouquet)

The best part of preparing for our brother's wedding was that I was allowed to experiment with things I've always wanted to do, but didn't really have time to do them. Hee. This time around, I was going crazy over hand-painted papers, so I thought I could give it a try with this wedding.

Remember my first paper bouquet? It was such a mess and took a lot of my time that I almost gave up on doing another. However, with the current trend of handmade bouquet going rounds, I ought to give it a try again, right?

The tutorial for the ranunculus flower can be found here (amazing tutorial with detailed explanation). I made the hydrangea using a tutorial from a Chinese book (which I didn't understand, and relied totally on the pictures). Instead of using the ready-made coloured papers, I prolonged my suffering by hand-cutting and hand-painting my own paper to get the desired colours. Messy techniques.

It took me almost a week to frantically finish everything, but I think I'm quite satisfied with the end result. Yes, it could be improved in terms of durability and colour choice, but for a last-minute work, not bad, right? :P

I'm not sure whether I'd be able to do the bouquet again, since the process was so taxing, and I almost got insomnia from all these.. but again, you'll never know. ;-)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Classic Wedding (Part 1)

The uniqueness of Malay weddings lies in the very culture-specific celebrations. Let's see - we'd first have the akad (solemnization ceremony), usually organised by the bride's side, and is usually done either at the mosque, or the bride's house. Then there's the reception on the bride's side, and another reception thrown by the groom's family. The reception guest would vary from 400-500 people up till 1000 + guests since we'd usually invite everyone that we know of, instead of having a small ceremony between close friends and family. Yes, wedding is always a huge family event in Malaysia.

So when another in the family got married, I got another excuse to keep myself busy with the preparation. The last preparation of my sister's wedding was way more hectic, since we had to prepare for 2 occassions - the solemnization ceremony and the wedding reception. However, since now it's my brother's turn, we don't have to worry much about the solemnization ceremony apart from preparing the hantarans (wedding gifts) to be brought to the bride's house.

For the akad, my brother decided to give dinar as dowry for the bride, so I prepared the (paper) frame for the dinar on a small canvas board. The paper was hand-painted to give that rustic look, and cut into strips of paper before moulding them into the geometrical shape.

The writing on the board says "The Solemnization Ceremony of Wan Ahmad Asyraf & Siti Fatimah)

I still love the use of pantun like the ones that we did for my sister's wedding, so we decided to preserve the use of pantun for the hantarans.

It's quite difficult to translate what's written on the pantun (a traditional poem of 4 verse that rhymed) since the first 2 lines of the verse didn't really have any connection with the latter ,apart from they rhymed. The last 2 verse were the real intended message, and since my dad created different pantun each for the hantaran, each pantun carries different message.

For example, the above pantun carries the message that "you shall befriend aplenty, but you shall be in love with one and only." Or something like that. I might mistranslate that a little since I want the lines to rhyme hehe but you get the point :P. And the below pantun gives the message that you should ask from those who are willing to give, and long for those who are willing to love.

We also decided to use rehal (book rest normally used during Quran recitation) as the hantaran base.

We bought the rehal at Mydin Hypermart Kuala Terengganu at RM25 each, which I'd consider quite affordable (and the cheapest I can find), and the rehal won't go to waste, and can always be re-used. The flowers were from Floristika, Bangsar, KL - a wholesale-like emporium specifically meant for flowers and plants. Special shout to Natasya, our cousin, for preparing the pretty sireh junjung.

Till Part 2 then! ;-)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Year End

I've been very quiet this year. I can hardly take orders (apart from close friends and family members) since I didn't want to make promises I can't keep due to the instability of my current life. I'm hardly at home during weekends, and spend most weekends travelling around, thus limiting my crafting hours.

I'm still doing things I love, and love things I do. I miss writing, but sometimes I just couldn't keep up the messy editing of the pictures and writing entries for the blog. It seems ages since I wrote lengthy entries, and I seriously miss that (even when I know some of my readers are just reading pictures and not my words haha)

Hence, to end the year, there will be a few special entries, on a topic that got the most hits on this blog: Wedding.

I've had the opportunity to prepare for my brother's wedding in late November/ early December (thus, my long silence), and had a blast doing it. I thought of sharing them with readers of this blog, and since I have plenty to share (yes, lots of pictures!), it'll come in few parts. Watch the space ok!

With that, I end today's entry with a  hope that Miyyah@Kertas will blossom next year. :) (the above is a card made during Paper Crafters Get-Together v3, and yes, will blog about that too!)

Signing off for now.


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