Saturday, December 21, 2013

Of Whimsical Colours.

It was hard to let go of this one.

...simply because I'm in love with the colours. It took a while to choose colours that could complement each other - but I was pretty satisfied with the outcome.

The colour tones reminded me so much of Irau Mountain, which I had the chance to climb a few months back. The gorgeous and whimsical sceneries on our journey to the top were breathtaking, and they inspired me so much when I designed this.

I'm glad that Anuar & Hani love the signage as much as I do, and may both of them have a wonderful journey going forward in life. Happy ever after! ;-)

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Who's thinking about you now?

Who's thinking about you now?
If you were building a wall, who would tear it all down and pull you through?
Who's thinking about you?

Who'd care enough to send you flowers, that you could call at all hours,
And give your love to?

Somebody must believe if they could see what I see
If they haven't, well they will
Baby they all will

Just when you suspect that life couldn't get no harder, something comes
Along and makes your dark day darker
The weight of it all falls on you

Who will be the one to listen when it's time to listen?
Who will be the one to miss you when you've gone missing?
Well, I do.



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