Monday, November 23, 2009

Card-Runway v2.0 : Down to EARTH

I'm going environmentalist!

These cards collection were made using recycle papers, with the main colours being green, brown, black, white and yellow. The collection actually serves as a gift set for my sis in law (and my bro as well haha) and was flown directly to Ireland on Friday. They have safely received the set and hopefully will put them into good use. Lisa & Hafiz, don't forget to promote ME! Hahaha.

This is the box that I made for the collection:

What's inside:

The congratulatory card:

(I used my newly bought alphabet stamps for the wording. Will tell you bout the stamps later k!)

The cards collection:

Card 1 - Green is the new black!

Card 2; And yellow is soo in!

Card 3 - Roses are still beautiful in other colours!

Card 4 - How can I ever forget my swirls? :P

Card 5 - I heart Brown too!

Card 6 - The simpleton gift tag

The bookmarks:

For Hafiz and Lisa

For Hareez, Lisa's bro and an extra bookmark

The close up

That's the end of the runway. I've enjoyed making the collection as I'm using all my favourite colours in the world, and was a bit reluctant to let the whole collection go haha. But of course, I can always make some more later. Had fun taking pictures outdoor as well. As the collection actually made use of recycle papers, at least I did my part for the environment lol. Hope you've enjoyed the runway show! :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The first car

I never bought quilling books before. Intend to, not only it's hard to find good quilling books, the available books are way overpriced, being the cheapest is around RM60 and the most expensive one is RM100++. So when I FOUND this book by Malinda Johnston was sold at a bargain price of RM24.90, I just had to buy the book. And it's the only one left on the shelf. Yes, I am excited!

(I bought this at MPH One Utama, so in case you're interested, try to find the book at other MPHs as well. Good luck!)

The book gives some great templates and it provides great ideas in improving my quilling skills. I've learned most of the basic flowers so I thought it's time to step up and try something totally different. So using the template from the book, I made this:

Yes, it's a car. Yes, it's supposed to be a vintage/antique car. And yes, being antique, it looks like it's about to fall apart hahaha! The original colour for the car was supposed to be red, but I've used up all my red papers, so I substitute the red with blue.

The original template was actually in reverse, but since I've messed up the other side with glue and I think it looked ugly, so I switched the side.

I love making the wheels haha, but really dreaded the car body parts. The body parts frustrated me sometimes, because I need to arrange the peds according to the template. But being me, I simply runs through all the rules and do it my way. LOL!

If you look closely on the pictures, you can still see the mess the glue gave me. I made the car few days back, started by shredding the papers at around 9++ pm and completed the whole car project at around 5 am the next morning. Yes, I don't sleep. No, quilling was not the only thing I did that night. I quilled while watching Kdrama on my laptop LOL. At least it would keep me from falling asleep.

Now that's the story of my first quilled car. :) Need to think of what to do next... another car? a house? Logos? Food? Yeah. may start quilling some chocolates later.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I'm back! With another card!

This simple card was requested by a friend for her sis in law, who celebrated her birthday in early November. Told you I love swirls, and am yet to be tired of quilled flowersss hehehe.

The base for the cardstock is cream in colour, and I use peachy red, pink (dark and light pink), brown and with a dash of yellow for the quilling design. This is the first time I use more than 3 colours for a card, but I LOVE the colour combination anyhow.

I'm yet to practice on quilling the words differently, but I'm still loving the SIS look. Perhaps I could improve a bit on the designs in my next cards.

I also add up some pink buttons (of different pink tones) and little pink pearls to the card. The buttons were easy to manage, but the pearls.... ermm.. the end result was always great, but I feel like I always lose my patience everytime I had to deal with them. It's always a very messy affair. And I hate that. *sigh*

I do hope the sister in law loves the card tho. Okay, need to go back doing things I love to do on Thursdays. Aaand I need to finish up some cards and boxes and bookmarks before the deadline next week. Till later then!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Card-Runway (Part 3 - Final part)

Am back!

Before I start on the final part of the Card-Runway Show, there are few things that need to be clarified:

1. For the time being, I only take custom orders for anything related to papers - especially cards (all types), gift boxes, calendars etc. Whether it's only one, or in bulk, I'll try my very best to entertain to your needs.

2. It was an indescribable pleasure to have people acknowledging what you do, and appreciate your work. And everytime I have to part with my cards/craft items, it saddens me. Because only I know how much work and efforts and hearts I've put in one single item that I made. But then, I believe if I love them that much, other people will love them as much too. Hence, this was never about money (but of course, I welcome them too haha). The thing is, I made crafts only for those who are willing to appreciate them. And if you belong to the group, thank you very much, and I really appreciate that.

3. I do have some pre-made cards/ gift boxes/ quilled items in my collection, and been thinking of having one day garage blog sale to discard them. Will tell about it soon, so keep peeking ya! (P/s: might start a blog giveaway too - anyone wants some freebies?)

Okay, having that cleared up, let's go back to the Card-Runway.. the finale is finally here! Btw, like I've mentioned before, these cards were custom made for a friend (or should I start using the word customer?). She's changing job and wanted to give hand-made cards for her colleagues, as her farewell gifts. The first two cards are the final two in the 10 card collection:

Card No 9: Using simple quilling, paper cutting (at one point it looked like some cracked glass haha), and embossing.

Card No 10: Black does go well with anything.

And last but not least, this last card was meant for her boss, who's also joining a new workplace as a judge. Hence, the black and white card.

Card No 11: Please ignore the background mess haha. The trickiest part to do was arranging the tiny pearls.

And that's the end of my Card-Runway show. The process of making them was wonderful albeit the tiredness having to squeeze the creative juices from the brain. I've enjoyed making them, nevertheless. And I do hope you've enjoyed the show too. :)

Monday, November 02, 2009

Card-Runway (Part 2)

Here comes the cards for Card-Runway part 2. In continuation from the previous entry, I present four more cards from the 10+1 collection.

Card 5: One of my rare experiment using pattern papers. It might look easy to do, but it took me a while to arrange the colour combination and the design. I'm a plain paper crafter, so patterns do scare me a bit hehe.

Card 6: An updated version of this card. It's also a continuation from Card no 5.

Card 7: Totally forgot to take a close-up shot of the card. Quilled sunflowers, with an added ribbons and buttons. I also use embossing technique on the card.

Card 8: Start playing with the ribbon. And then I quilled a tree. :) One of my favs coz it's green!

There goes another four in the collection. Will try to post the final part once I can find the time to do so. Enjoy!


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