Thursday, August 28, 2008

Homart - Your Homemade Market

Received this email from Tita that's worth to check out.

(click to see what's on)

Hi everyone:

You are invited to come and browse at Homart on the 30th & 31st (Saturday and Sunday) of this month from 10 to 8, at Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang. We have a great variety of items for sale, such as, Indonesian food, Pakistani embroidered textiles, organic cotton, linen clothes, pre-loved goods and books, cup cakes, fresh bread, silk shawls, kaftans, and cotton bed covers, and selected arts and crafts from the region, as well as, fantastic pieces of jewelry.

As an extra attraction, we will have a Peruvian musician playing the pipe and flute. Come and check it out.

A market that's full of home-made items sounds tempting enough that I've decided to give it a try. Will InsyaAllah be there on Saturday.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Project Runway - A Reality

I'm not sure whether you're a Project Runway junkie like me, but I'm going to tell anyway. Well, I adore Project Runway so much. Evertsince the series started in US couple of years ago, I became a loyal fan. At first, it was just PR US, then the series spread its wings to PR Canada, and changed its name to Project Catwalk in the UK. Even Malaysia was also having the fever by producing a local-made Project Runway Malaysia last year. To tell you the truth, thanks to You Tube I've watched (and still watching) all of them, regardless the countries.

I love watching how the designers exercising their brains to pull out a wonderful outfit. Some were really good and I became a huge fan of them, even when the season ends. For example, I love Daniel Vosovic, Nick Verros, Michael Knight, Jeoffrey Sabilia and Christian from PR US, and Biddel and MG of PR Canada, Michael (sumthin) from Project Catwalk and many others.

I'm still following PR closely now, with PR US season 5 and PR Australia starting in Season 1. I'm rooting for Joe (PR US 5) and Lui from PR Australia. I love Lui ever since PR Australia made its debut in the first episode where he mentioned that he was born and raised in Malaysia but later became a pr in australia. I love his works so much because most of them are practical and yet beautifully done. He's in top 4 now (I haven't watch the latest episode yet) and I do predict he deserved a spot in the finals and could even win PR Australia if he maintained his workmanship. Well, if you don't know who he is and never watch PR Aussie, you should start watching it now on Youtube.

Right. Why am I bubbling about Project Runway and Lui from PR Australia in particular?

Because I've met Lui yesterday.
Yes. You heard it right.
I met him.
On a tram.
In Melbourne.
With his family.

I was on hiatus for the past few days for an academic trip to Melbourne, Australia (had loads of FUN!) and I met him on my last night there. We were on our way back to the motel by taking a tram, and a few stops later, a group of people boarded the tram and sitting few seats in front of me. In just a glimpse, I know it was him. I was jumpy and excited and literally smiling to the ears.

So I approached him. Yes, I did. AND I TOOK A PICTURE WITH HIM. Hehe.

And here it is:

(can you see how excited I was in the picture hahahhaha)

Of all the people in Melbourne, I bumped into him. Luck was definitely on my side. ;p

Friday, August 15, 2008

LQ Challenge 6 - Colour Blocks

My take for Challenge #6.

(It's Fiqa's Sports Day last month and I went and took some pictures)

I don't have time to do paper scrapping lately so I switched to the fastest way to scrapping - digital layout. I love Photoshop and I love playing with its elements. I normally use frames for my photos, and I love overlapping pictures (if you've seen my other digital layouts, you'll totally understand that -will try to put them in slide shows and post them here l8r). So, this is my first time using blocks in digital layout, and there's no flower involved haha.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

LQ Challenge 6 - Colour Blocking

Hello Very Happy
Challenge no. 6 di sini menanti anda.
Kali ni kita akan mencuba satu teknik iaitu Color Blocking. Mungkin ada yang dah biasa dengan teknik ini.
Definasi color blocking dari scrapjazz website
“Color blocking is a fast and easy way to create wonderful looking backgrounds, borders or embellishments for your scrapbook pages. By definition, it means using blocks of color to decorate your pages. Because each block can vary in size, color, shape and position on your page, the possibilities for design are endless using this technique. Color blocking is also a great way to use up some of your scraps.”
Dapatkan idea di sini :-

Good luck girls

Point : 15
Tarikh tutup : 19th August 11.59malam

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blast from the past

Am blogging from the comfort of home in Terengganu. :)

I admit that I love to collect stuff. Or to some people, junks. I used to collect bus tickets (from the big white tickets to Intrakota tickets), had a whole stamp album of sweets and chocolate wrappings (before mum threw them away) and newspaper cuttings of articles and cartoons that I like (before it turned yellow and being extremely difficult to read).

Those were the momentous items that I treasured most back then. To one extent, I was so afraid that mum would throw everything away that I had to do something with my weird collection. I hadn't come across the term altered art yet then, but that time everyone had this craze over files, and we used to wrap them with wrapping papers and decorate them with cut-out pictures of handsome actors/actresses, songs, quotes etc before covering them up with a piece of translucent cover.

I was looking for some books when I bumped into what I believed to be my very first altered art ever. THE file that made me famous haha (perasan!). This file.

I made this file in 1996, when I first entered Matric Centre IIU. The whole Kit Kat wrappers were collected when I was in Form 5 (1995). I was addicted to anything sweet and chocolaty, and would at least buy a bar of Kit Kat every week - so go figure how many Kit Kat wraps that I had that time... I have no idea what brand the car was (think it was a Ferrari) but it was once on my desk in school (I LOVE school desk deco) so you know how valuable it was.

I love the file so much that I used it for years in the uni. And it did attract people. Some asked where I bought the file, some wanted to buy the so-called wrapping paper (they thought it was attached together) and for those who knew, they questioned how many Kit Kats did I have to eat to be able to complete the file. Haha. Thank God nobody wanted to look at my teeth. ;p

This file has served me for 12 long years now. The plastic looked yellowish and torn, the tapes used to stick them looked old and battered and even the file was not in a good shape (acid free - what's that?! hehe). I have this thought of re-altering the file, or use the wrapper to alter a note book or something, but I couldn't. Because I know I've put so much efforts into this, and could never have the heart to rip it off.

And it still holds some documents and is nicely arranged in one of the bookshelves at home. At least it still served what it does best. Keeping memories.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

LQ Challenge 5

I'm going back to Terengganu tonight and will be back to Shah Alam on Wednesday. There are few things to settle back home and I'm worried that I could not finish up Challenge 5 on time if I plan to do it at the very last minute. So, I spent the whole evening today finishing up my layout. It's a simple layout, with a twist of its own. :)

Please bear in mind that I'm not a scrapbooking person, and merely a newbie. I found it hard to scrap a layout since my cup of tea has always been cards. I feel a bit awkward having to scrap bigger sizes cardstocks, so as a newbie, I simply incorporate lots of cardmaking elements instead of scrapbooking.

Well, I enlisted these in Challenge 4:

1. Cardstock (wajib ada nih...)
2. Wrapping paper (ganti pattern paper sebab masih newbie buat lo)
3. Scissors (gunting biasa dn scallop)
4. Adhesive (dry and wet untuk lekatkan kertas n embellishments)
5. Flowers (biasanya buat sendiri untk embellishments)

And Ida said we can use pen as well, so that's definitely a relief!

So here goes my take for Challenge 5:

(click to see the journalling)

it's a layout without a picture. Ok la, I put ice-cream as the main highlight of the layout. I ado desserts so much so this is one way of appreciating them. :) I use cardstocks, wrapping paper (the dots in the middle of the flowers & the wordings), scissors (normal scissors and scallop), adhesive and hand-made flowers. Oh, and pen for journalling and the stems.

Then I decided to make a twist to the layout, so it'll be a 2 in 1 layout. Hehe. So I fold the layout, and turn it into this:

.. because I plan to give the layout to a friend, and after she's done with the yummy chocolate, she can keep the chocolate wrap in her scrapbook. So it's a fully utilized layout!

And since I'm a chocolate addict too, I can't control myself and decided to take a bite hehehehe. a I'll buy another one to replace later. ;p


Thursday, August 07, 2008

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

LQ Challenge 5 - 10% layout hehe

Hello, dah ready untuk Challenge no.5? Ready or not here it comes…

Masih ingat challenge no.4 di mana anda diminta menyenaraikan 5 barang bagi menghasilkan layout? Kalau lupa sila check di sini.
Menggunakan 5 barang2 tersebut anda diminta untuk menghasilkan satu layout.

1. Tinggalkan ruang kosong sebanyak mungkin dan buat layout kecil saja contohnya 90% free dan 10 % layout.
2. Embellishment tambahan tidak dibenarkan melainkan anda membuat embellishment sendiri dari 5 bahan yang telah anda senaraikan.

Challenge kali ni untuk develop daya kretiviti dengan sumber yang terhad.

Contoh : -
(Layout from Ida)

Sila submit penyertaan di sini.

Point : 15
Tarikh tutup : 12th August 11.59malam

Good luck kawan2
Jgn lupa ye hadiah lumayan menanti anda, Ida akan beli khas nanti...and promise it would be yummy...nyum nyum

Just to recall, here's the 5 things that I enlisted in Challenge 4:

1. Cardstock (wajib ada nih...)
2. Wrapping paper (ganti pattern paper sebab masih newbie buat lo)
3. Scissors (gunting biasa dn scallop)
4. Adhesive (dry and wet untuk lekatkan kertas n embellishments)
5. Flowers (biasanya buat sendiri untk embellishments)

So I don't have pen, pencil hehehe... so I can't write anything HAHAHAHAHAHA. Time to squeeze my brain and experiment.

Sweetness of day

This is a sweet, sweet card. And it's sooo....... PINK! Hahahahaha. A combination of pink and red can create such a girlish and feminin card. I found the butterfly design while browsing a craft book at Popular and Sara (who happened to be with me) was so into it and asked me whether I could make a similar card. So we sneakily took picture of the card through our handphones (which was not advisable to do - but I always do anyway hehe) so I can take a look at the picture later. The picture does no justice though coz it was sooo blurry I can only make out the design, not the details. So, I scraplift and improvise.



(blogger still goes haywire so I let photobucket hosts my photos.)

I should have put stronger colour for the pearls, but I can't help it, the use of the plain-coloured pearls compliments the softness and the sweetness of the card. This is specially made for Sara (though she doesn't know it yet).

Materials used: Cardstock, tracing paper, white pencil colour, nail deco - pearls as embellishments, brads and glue ( to stick the pearls) Techniques: Paper-cutting, embossing.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Flowers are red.

Everything seems to go against my will to blog lately. I am yet to go to Canon Service Centre to repair my camera due to time constraint, the printer cum scanner broke down so I can't print, and I can't even scan. So I basically was shone away from putting up pictures on my blog. And when I finally managed to take few pictures and ready to update, blogger goes haywire. It took me HOURS to publish this. So stressed out now.

By the way, I spent the weekend finishing up orders from Sakiinah who requested for hand-made gifts to be given as souvenirs for her 3 Japanese friends. Since she wanted to have pictures of them as well, at first I thought of decorating a photo frame. But I can't seem to get the idea right, and I found the idea to be too cliche as well. Haha.

So I made what I always do best - hand-made cards. The twist is that that I attached a 7" X 7" photo frame together with a card. I'm not sure whether this can be called as 'kawai' stuff (she specifically requested for that), but the final result was:

(again, I struggled to make pictures out of the dysfunctional camera - and photoshop helps a LOT!)

The cover (this is from 3 slightly different designs):

Zoom in the butterfly and the flowers:

The butterfly was made using embossing technique. All you need would be a tracing paper, white colour pencil, embossing pen and scissors to cut. Oh. and pearls to embellish. Will show a how-to later when time permits (and camera fixed).

Inside: (with an IKEA photo frame)

I made three of them:

I'm sooo into those little bling-bling & pearls. I bought more pearls in different colours (blue, black and brown) and some red, and blue bling-blings hahha. Even though the process of gluing them onto the paper is quite difficult, but the end-result would surpass all that.

Oh. Anyone interested in ordering, feel free to email ya! (for those who are keras in craft)

Materials used: Cardstocks, flowers from wrapping paper, tracing paper, ribbons, IKEA frame, needle and threads.

Techniques: Embossing, stitching, paper-cutting.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Thank You Liza!


Received a wonderful news today. Thank you Liza, for your birthday giveaway! Can't wait to get crafty with the yummy scrapping stuff!

Visit Liza's blog here and you'll be amazed of what this scrapping mummy can do. I love all her works of art, and I think she can do wonders when it comes to altered art (seriously!)

On another update, can you believe that I actually discussed my crafting addict in my Academic Discourse class yesterday? Well, the class was supposed to discuss on the differences between discourse community and speech community and I ended up giving details on Lovescrap, craft blogs, our craft community and the registers used for this particular discourse community. Register in a linguistics term would mean the words that are being associated to a particular community - there are words that only lawyers can understand, linguistics terms that only English majors can understand etc. For example: when I mention academic discourse, you may not understand what it meant coz you're not part of the linguistics learners. And when we, the scrappers mentioned a 'crop session', others outside the craft community would hardly understand what it meant.

Well, hope you get the point hahahah. Well, then my lecturer suggested that I should do a term paper on the differences between a real discourse community vs a virtual discourse community. To say it in a layman's term - I am going to do a small research on our craft community, and it's not even about craft. Hahhahaha. (And my thesis is about blogging and academic writing and last semester I did a term paper on Facebook)

That's why I love being a language person. You can relate language to everything you love.


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