These are things on my wishlist. I'm not really sure how long it will take for me to complete everything - since the wishlist keeps on expanding itself hahaha! :)

  1. QCM-1200E Stack Paper Cutter
  2. Coil Binding Machine (or Zutter Bind It All V.2.0)
  3. Two-tones Quilling Paper Packs
  4. Graduated Quilling Paper Packs
  5. Letterpress Machine
  6. Hot Stamping Machine
  7. Sew Easy Stitch Piercer/ Handle/ Needle
  8. Shredder (6mm/ 9mm in sizes)
  9. Scor-Pal Board/ Top Score Multiboard
  10. Quilling WaterSparklers
  11. Curling Coach
  12. Cuttlebug Manual Die Cut Machine
  13. Quilling Fringer
  14. ColorBox Fluid Chalk Petal Point Option Pad
  15. Embossing Border Punch, All A Fleur


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