ACG Malaysia

ACG stands for Arts and Crafts Guild of KL & Selangor. It was officially registered in 1993, and consists of artists, crafters and art enthusiasts who share a passion for creative arts. Some ACG members are full-time artists, while others are balancing between their day jobs and their passions for arts and crafts. Some others are the supporters and the cheerleaders for artistic works. Thus, ACG is a  guild to share and exchange ideas, meet new friends and bond over our passion for arts and crafts.

The aims and objectives of ACG are to:

  • Inspire, encourage and create a stimulating environment for members to further their artistic interests through interaction with other members and exchanging of ideas 
  • Help members gain exposure for themselves and their work, through exhibitions and contacts made during the exhibition 
  • Encourage exchange of new ideas and skill among members 
  • As a resource centre, providing information about art supplies, workshops, galleries, art & craft techniques to the public & members alike.

For updates on ACG, their activities and latest news, do visit these links (click on the picture):

The Official Facebook page of Arts & Crafts Guild of Selangor & KL.

ACG President's blog - where Jane always updates latest activities and news.


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