Thursday, January 06, 2011

One of a Kind

I'm getting used to all the stickers now! :P It's pretty much making my life easier hehe, and making me do the cards faster. :P

The olive green card-stock is definitely one of my favourite cards (what else is new :P), and I keep on replenishing the cards that I have tonnes of them now hehe, At first I thought of making this card a masculine one, since the green and brown were simply lovely and gave out that gloomy-and-military-kinda-look...but the pink fits the card so perfectly that I just knew I was going to use it somehow hehe.

As you could probably see, this card is all about simplicity, and uses the basic quilling shapes - loose coils for the pink flowers and marquises for the leaves. I used 3mm shredder-cut quilling strips. The 'One of a Kind' wording was part of the Chatterbox Sticker Fuzz (bought it at Scrap n Crop).

I kinda like the mirror effect the flowers have on each other. As if it's a one of a kind mirror that lets you see not only your own reflection, but multiply them. :P (Narcissist, much? Hahahaha!)


  1. i love simple thing, and this basic shape combination sure captured my heart! this card is lovely kak miyyah! ♥ sweet sgt ;;)

  2. As usual...I love your color combination and I love the mirror effect! ;)

  3. cantiknya,,rasa nak sentuh je bunga pink tuh.



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