Wednesday, July 21, 2010


To those celebrating their anniversaries, congratulations!

A short one this time. This card was made for Faridah, for her anniversary. Congratulations dear! May you have beautiful years together! :)

(never thought I could write this short ha ha ha!)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Malaysian Street Burgers

I love Malaysian street burgers. Funny how we always found them sold in front of 7-Elevens. I don't know who started the culture of burger-sellings outside 7-Es in Malaysia, but it's one cute little culture I could live with. It's way cheaper than those nicely wrapped burgers of KFC and McD, and taste way better LOL.

So what's your favourite street burgers?
Mine would always be Burger Daging Special with extra mayo (Special Beef Burger with Extra Mayonnaise). The best thing about Burger Daging Special that I love most is the fact that it's so full of everything and I can ensure that the drippings of the mixture of mayonnaise and sauces would leave you licking your fingers couple of times. Haha. The beef is grilled with some mixture of sweet sauces (at my fav burger stall, it's a mixture of sweet sauces and black pepper), and I love mine to be wrapped in omelet with drips of sauces as well. A mixture of sliced cucumbers and tomatoes and some salad, with extra mayonnaise on top would be heavenly. Owh, and of course, add some ketchup, spicy chili and black pepper sauce to complete the set. My favourite part? to squeeze everything together and take one mouthful bite. I simply LOVE that first bite. I always have a plate to support all the drippings of sauces and mayonnaise. Hehe. It's simple the sloppiest and messiest burger ever, but with a taste of heaven.

This was another one of my very first altered art- in the form of a frame. This altered frame has already aged more than 10 years, but funnily enough, the design remains without any indication it might scramble off anytime soon LOL. And guess what, those pink and white strings were actually made out of some cheap paper serviettes that were always used to wrap those street burgers. Yes, it's true!

I bought the frame at IKEA sometime in 1999,  and altered the frame to decorate my room at the university. Since those were the days where the sources were very limited, I took a bunch-ful of free plain paper serviettes at a burger stall inside the college's cafeteria and decided to use them on the frame heh. I cut them in wide strips, and rolled and twisted them one by one before securing them with a bit of paper glue, and they technically turned out to look like those of strings. I glued everything on the frame using paper glue, which surprisingly very strong since it lasted longer than expected (more than10 years!).

The frame is all dusty now and I've carefully stored it together with other altered dusty frames that I made before. The thought of re-altering them again did occur, but then, I'd still prefer to just leave them be the way they are for the sake of good memories. :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Hues of blue.

I don't like the fact that I missed this wedding. :( But I love everything about these.

It's a close cousin's wedding, and since I couldn't be there physically, I sent these to represent me lol. It's just a little something I loved to do, and a little something that is needed in the wedding.

My aunty wanted something plain and simple, without too much of exaggerated design on the boxes for the high table favours. So I made 10 of these:

Yes, the design looks simple, and yet cutting and gluing each paper together took me few sleepless nights and 100 of many different kinds of blue quilling strips. I'm loving the gorgeous off-white textured paper (found them on shelves in a stationery shop) and decided to wrap the box with it.

Shahir and Murni, congratulations on your wedding. Sorry we couldn't make it, but we're there in souls. :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Purple Plait

I've tonnes of fun making these. I like the fact that they are so simple in design, and yet the simplicity is what makes them stand out. This is definitely one design I won't get tired of making. :)

I've used purple before, but only limit them to pastel colours.This marks my first time of combining purple and black, and those are really some joyful colours to combine!

I love making sets of these repetitive patterns for Nabila. Thought I should add more to the collection - pencils, pens, tags, notebooks etc so it could be one giant hand-made stationery set hehe.

Oh well, there's always next time, not?

The 2 yellowish brown bookmarks are definitely my favourite too - from the colour combination to the fact that it looks more like woodcarving than paper quilling haha. Should. make. more. of. these. :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Quilled Lettering

My very first quilled lettering. :)

There are some who are into simple cards, and there are also some who just love exaggerated, grandeur card.

This card alone took me almost 5 times the amount of time I made for other cards.It takes up a lot of time, a lot of processes and a lot of hard work. and sweat haha.

But as usual, I had fun. So that's all it matters. :P

I know there are still a lot of things to improve on, but this is definitely a start.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

It speaks a thousand words.

It's an experimental work on colour combination on repetitive quilling patterns. The 20-page photo album was on sale, so how could I not buy them?!

At first I thought this looks a bit unfinished, but I was too lazy to add on more quilling on the cover, so I finally decided to just let it be. It's already too crowded being like that it almost wash out the beautiful quills.

But after a while, I thought I loved it just the way it is. It's the effort that counts, right?

At the very least, I had lotsa fun doing it. The gluing part was a bit tricky, since it takes a while for the glue to dry (on such paper), so extra precautions had to be made. But now, I simply can't wait to start on another album - and this time, it's going to be blue!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Travelling light

Sorry, I'm so into the travelling mode right now. So here goes hehe:

Would this be enough for two weeks?

No, it's not. But these were the only items that I managed to repack haha.

(That's my favourite orange-flavour shampoo, so-called antibacterial shower gel and fragrant-free mosturizer)

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Miyyah@Kertas is finally on Facebook!

I've been contemplating whether I should have a separate Miyyah@Kertas page on Facebook for quite a while. And I finally made the decision to have my Miyyah@Kertas page so it would cater to the rest of the facebook populations (read: my listed friends) who didn't read this blog. Ha. ha.

Come and join in the fun at Miyyah@Kertas facebook page ya!

I've already added some pictures, and planning to add some more. You can check the Quilling Art section, where I have the collection of some quilling artworks that I've previously done. You can also browse the notes section, for previous blog entries feeds. Coming soon:  a Sneak Peak section, where I plan to upload several in progress projects, that are yet to be posted on this blog. So if you're a fan, then you'll have the privilege of viewing my new projects/ in progress works. Exclusively.


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