Friday, October 15, 2010

That girlish thing.

What would you do when you're itching to quill, but found out that you've lost your favourite quilling tool? Well, that happened to me recently, and I'm yet to find the replacement. *sigh* Yes, I do have other quilling needles, but it just.. felt.. different. :(

So, after not quilling for quite a while, I decided to warm up a bit and do simple designs first. I haven't made flowers in quite a while, and I suddenly had this crave for something girlish, and feminine. [insert roll eyes] Since I can't find any quilling tool in sight then, I quilled this design using..... pencil! Thee hee hee. It's kind of nice for a change, but it gets a bit difficult as compared to quilling using the usual tool.

I hardly use any punch-out paper for my design, but couldn't hep but add a dash to the memo pad. It's a nice border. (But do mind the uneven cut of the border for I cut them at around midnight, and didn't use any ruler haha.)

As for the quilling tool, I thought of making one, but am yet to find the right time for it.


  1. naa.. ad hikmah tu akak ilang quilling tools. hehehe :P you discover new design! ^^ cantik sgt, memang looks feminin ;)

    make more, kak miyyah! :D

  2. looks so sweet! So feminin!!! I love it! The borders are a nice touch to the design too.

  3. salaaam kenal kak miyyah ^_^ suka! kiut ^_^

  4. mahu singgah ke rumah kak yong today. ada free ka? :D

    nice design! fewwitttt! :D

  5. as: design tu mcm dah lama la, bukan design baru pun hehe.

    lin: girlish abis kan hahaha! walaupun x sesuai dengan jiwa :P

    solehah: salam kenal! thanks! :)



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