Monday, October 18, 2010

Capturing rainbows

Remember ages back when I said I'm on another photo album project? Well, here it is. Yes, finally.

It's blue, and I think the album was meant for new born piccas or something - since they put the baby picture on the front. I'll change the front photo later once I've decided what to do with the album.

I've done similar design on another project before, but back then, I only use black, white and shades of pink. This time around, I used plentiful of colours, so the album was meant for some fun photos.The design is also a wink to Simple Rhyme's whimsical lollipops. See, I told you how much I love 'em! (The truth is, I made this right after our Get Together haha).

I guess the albums are really addictive, and I found myself wanting to buy more of them! And it does not help that I saw an A3 size album of similar design was on sale. How can I NOT buy them?! I will surely end up having more albums than photos. Hehe.

Just don't get bored ok! :P


  1. will never get bored with yours, kak miyyah! :D sound really fun la decorate album, memopad, boxes sume ni ^__^ bile as nk try nih! >..<

  2. i pun dah lama terfikir nak buat cover album tuh..penah buat zaman kampus tapi tak secantik miyyah buat

  3. Such a great design, thanks for the inspiration!

  4. as: you should try hehe. I buat altered arts bila dah bosan asyik buat kad hehe. try other medium would be a good change.

    ayu: thanks! It's a very simple design, and quilling technique pun simple aje. anyone can do one as well. :)

    shanti: thanks dear. give it a try ok!

  5. WOW....cantik sangat! In my favourite color pulak tu! Yay!! Love it!

  6. Miyya...your work is amazing. I love the bright colours and how they pop off the . You did capture a rainbow

  7. Lin: thank you! Hehe, I know blue is yr fav colour!

    Cheryl: Thank you so much!

  8. Miyyah,
    Nice.. suka tgk blog awak....
    nak tanya, awak ada jual lagi x tools for quiling?

  9. I like this a lot . Its beautiful.

  10. cantik..:)

    baru try ngan hobi ni



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