Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Feature 1

Miyyah@Kertas was featured in The Star newspaper yesterday!

It was just few paragraphs, but enough to make me, the kids (and their parents haha) excited. It's kind of fun and thrilling to see yourself in the news, for the first time. :P

Click HERE for the full article, which could also be found online.

I decided to give STAR Kids Fair a try, just because it has been a long dream of mine to be surrounded by screaming children. Haha. Kidding! It's just a fun way to entertain and challenge myself, and a great way for me to give back to the community.

So yes, I'll be handling quilling slots for children on 27th November (from 1-2 pm) & 28th November (from 12 - 1 pm) 2010  at KL Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur. This project is brought together by ParenThots and Arts and Craft Guild. Come and join us there! Don't forget to bring your kids along, and if you don't have any, bring your nephews or nieces, or any other kids you could find on street! See ya!


  1. quilling workshop for children? wow!! kalau as nk dtg jenguk² boleh tak? ^^ or i could bring my little siblings there :D ad kene register ke?

  2. as, baru ingat nak ajak as tolong2 skali untuk workshop tu. akak sorang2 mcm x larat je haha. expected dlm 50 kids per day, tp x confirm lagi. its foc, but i think the places will be first come first serve. nnt akak confirm balik. akak pun bawak anak2 buah nnt hehehe.

  3. oh! it will be my pleasure kak miyyah! :D oke², feel free to inform me anything if memerlukan apa² bantuan ;)

  4. Hi Miyyah! Congrats and syabas for being mentioned in the news! :) Keep up the good work, ya?

    Debbie @ Crafty Heart

  5. wow! framekan paper cutting tu ye! :D

  6. As: ok, apa2 akak pm/sms As ok!

    Debbie: Thanks!

    Nihayah: Abg Mad dah frame dah, dia ambil frame yang sepatutnya reserve untuk gambar konvo kak yong hahahaha.

  7. so much for the enthusiasm! heheheh~ insha Allah i'll drop by on saturday night kot. depends. next week 17-23 i'll be attending to the ministers. wuhuhuuuu...

    if u need me to buy anything, just ask k? ;)

  8. Hi Miyyah,

    How do I contact you for an article in Star's ParenThots.com?

  9. Brigitte,

    You can contact me at miyyah@gmail.com or at 0126337163.

  10. COngratulations Miyyah! How wonderful to give back to the community this way. Bestnyer project nih. :) All the best to you Miyyah!



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