Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hot in Pink

Told you it's going to be a wedding week at Miyyah@Kertas! :P

This is another one from  the wedding cake series that I made. This was actually done very early in the morning (7.30 to be exact), and it was very impromptu. No previous research done, no sketching, no nothing. Perhaps it's because I've done the yellow cake on the previous day that the crafting of this became easier.

The most difficult part of making this cake was making the flowers and gluing them on the paper. Please mind the not so nice roses. :P And oh, the tiny leaves in between the roses almost drove me crazy. I forgot where I put my tweezers so I had to use my two unstable hands (unstable as in having potential thyroidic hormones - always have the symptoms but never confirm it professionally). I later found the tweezers in the ribbon box, tangling with some ribbons. *need to reorganise again (and again).*

On another story, I'm in the midst of discussion with a quilling tool dealer, who maybe able to provide me with quilling tools (it is said to come in different sizes and prices, but I'm yet to confirm that). Nothing's confirmed yet, but if I'm selling, would you be buying?


  1. wa.. the colour sgt romantic!!

    regarding quilling tools, of course i will buy them! sebab tak tau nak cr katne.. huhu.. smpai skang tak gne pape tools pun ni.. sebbek jari2 ni halus2 senang nak menggulung.. hee.. n also i need the qilling ruler to make the size constant. especially untuk order yang banyak.. hukhuk..

  2. Your work is so beautiful and unique. These cakes are amazing. I love the hot pink color and your roses are too cute.

    One suggestion I have for you since I noticed that the yellow one was that when I look at the pics of both the yellow one and the pink one, the cakes are actually crooked on the cards. I also wonder if these would be more sellable if you were to decorate the card in some other ways too rather than just a quilled object on the card.

    I know I can be quite picky and I like symetry and I like things to be straight. Those cakes are just too beautiful not to show them off with some additional decoration.

    You really have a lot of talent. I've been watching your blog for some time now.

  3. oh and one more thing...those owls you make are so cute.

  4. i have some tools for quilling but still need some of it.. so if u r selling them, i would definitely buy it from you.. hehhee

  5. Asma', D Shopaholic - thank you! :) Currently in the stage of selecting the items, they have a lot of quilling items/ papers/ tools etc (so rambang mataaaa!!!), will try to finalize everything soon ok!

    Christina - thank you so much for the suggestion! I really appreciate that! There're still a lot for me to improve on, especially on making the card more lively and unique. Yr comment help so much! :)

  6. wahhh...suka kek pink nih,nampak sweet dan cute!

  7. Anonymous12:09 pm

    i really, really, really amazed by your work!! great job!! membuatkan saya pandang 2,3 x kat kertas nihhh.. esp those scrap oness, berguna sungguh yaaa.... ;P again, great, amazing, marvellous, all those fantastaic, bombastic words for u!


  8. never thought that paper would be like this!! so so fall in love with ur art !



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