Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pre-order Quilling & Craft Tools

I wish I have few more pairs of hands. These weeks have been chaotic and I've been trying to settle everything before June ends. Why? Because I won't be around in the first part of July, and will only be available after 20th. (Don't worry, I'll pre-scheduled my entries :P, and am still available via email)

More updates on pre-order quilling/ craft tools.

We've finally reached a decision (yeay!) and I can start taking pre-order now. I thought of listing down the quotation and everything on a separate page, but I simply don't have time to do that, so for now I put everything in a Words document, so for those interested, you can check for the full quotation in the link at the bottom of this post.

These are the list of pre-order items that you can order:

Quilling board
Quilling tools
Quilling papers
Floral quilling papers
Embossing tools
Eyelets & eyelet punch
Round cutter
Border punch

Hopefully more items could be included later, in my next pre-order.

Just to pique your interest, here are some snapshots (u see, I am too lazy to crop them!):

You can check the quotations below for more details:

(By clicking/ downloading this link you're fully aware that this document is bounded by copyrights by Miyyah@Kertas (and the respective dealer) and no parts of the document can be used/ reproduced in any way without the owner's consent (and I'm dead serious about this).

Email me for details. This first pre-order will end on 30th of June, and payment needs to be made before/by 2nd of July and the ready stocks are expected to arrive InsyaAllah by end of July/ early August (will confirm on the date later).

p/s: For the time being, I can only accept pre-orders from Malaysia. International buyers will have to wait a little, until I've sorted things out. Will update more on this later, ya!

PPS: I'm no longer taking orders, nor selling tools. Please check the FAQ section for list of quilling tool sellers. Thanks.


  1. Halamak, bestnye kalo dpt semua ni.

    send my salam to hafiz and lisa ya!

    hv a safe journey!

  2. alamak... lmbt plk... huu.. hope kak miyyah blh buat lg 2nd order...

  3. hye..akk nak tanya ada tool nie..nak beli...yg mcm pensil tu and paper twists + angled tweezer+straight tweeze..

    pe2 please send me email as soon as can

  4. salam.. if nak beli quilling tools tu ada lg x?

  5. hai miyyah..i nak order quilling tool tu ade lg x

  6. hi miyyah..nak order quilling tools ade lg x??
    ni email

  7. assalam..hai..nk tanye kat mane bleh dpt tools nk wat quilling ni?

  8. Anonymous2:52 pm

    Assalam, hai, nak tanye sis ade buat lagi tak pre-order untuk quilling paper..??ni email saya,

  9. salam,..akk cne nk oder.?contact me k 0126139257

  10. hye there.. do you still have the sets? maY u email me at
    or...maybe u may cntact me at fb, haiqal iskandar.... i already like ur pages there.....

  11. akak buat order lagi x? pls pls

  12. ader lagi x brape ek?

  13. kalau sy nak order..mcm mana.. boleh pm dkt email sy sy fareeza



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