Monday, June 14, 2010

Of weddings and rejections

The wedding season's back!

It's school holidays, and as in every school holidays in Malaysia, weddings happen.

There are some things that always fascinate me during weddings. I always thought Malay weddings are very vibrant and cheerful and happening, since it's always full of colours, came with plentiful of food, and a must-have hand-made touch for the hantaran (wedding exchange gifts) between the bride and the groom. And don't let me start on the wedding favours, because it would take one whole entry dedicated to that, alone :P. (I'm a true believer of practical favours!)

This card was actually a rejected card (poor the cake!). It was requested by a customer, who in the end decided the card wasn't to her liking. There's always a first in everything. *This is why being a bit specific (design/ colour choice/ recipient background etc) in what you want would really help , instead of asking me to do whatever I want on a card (with the assumption that everything I did suit your taste)*. Oh well, there are many more weddings to attend, so no outright harm done apart from losing Time. There will surely be a couple who'd love this card as much as I do, right? :)

Regardless of the rejection (sob!), I still am in love with this card, that I actually expanded the design on 2 more cards - one in pink, another in purple. So it'll have friends. :) Will post the pair later, okay!


  1. Anonymous6:24 pm

    I love your ideas. So beautiful. Congratulations.

  2. rejected? rugi la org tu.. sgt sweet !

    Azilah :)

  3. thank you martina!

    azilah, nak buat camne, taste org lain2. :)

  4. Interesting thoughts, I really enjoyed your blog



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