Friday, May 07, 2010

To mums, all around the world.

I've actually written this entry for my personal collection before, but in celebrating Mother's Day, I think this ought to be shared, again.

On one sunny morning in May 2004, I became the first caller to get through a radio station, and bravely dedicated a self-made poem to my mum in celebration of Mother's Day. The mention of her name on a famous radio station did create a wee bit chaos among our family members (aunties and cousins included), who happened to be some very morning persons, and they teased  me about my poem all month long. Whenever mum was asked about it, she just smiled, but didn't say anything. But when I asked her, all she said was, "You spoke too fast." She had her own way of giving praises. And that's definitely one of them. :)

And on one cold morning of Mother's Day in May 2007, she was lying on a hospital bed in CCU, IJN (National Heart Institute) with wires all over her tiny body, relying heavily on oxygen mask, and struggling with a heart that beat so weak. Whenever I was outside in the hospital lobby, and saw passersby bringing in flowers and gifts for their mums, my heart cries. We can't even put flowers beside her hospital bed, for fear of infections. Later that night I remembered going for dinner with my dad, my brother and my sis in law, and the place was packed with families celebrating that one special person in their lives. And ironically, we were there, secretly and desperately praying that we won't have to lose ours.

 That was the last time I celebrated Mother's Day with mum. She passed away 15 days after.

And this poem, was the one I dedicated to her years back.

(Untuk bonda Hjh Wan Jariah Hj Wan Yaacob)

Tunggukan aku di sini
Bersama harum kasih kasturi
Meresap dari sepi malam
Hingga hujung dinihari
Tunggukan aku di hentian itu
Bersama debar degup jantungmu
Bergetar dari pinggir subuh
Hingga merah senja
Tunggukan aku di teduh angin
Bersama bayu murni cinta
Menyapa dari terik suria
Hingga redup purnama
Tunggukan aku ibu
Kerana rindu ini mahu datang

April 2004.

The slightly different (and may-be-badly-translated-since-I-don't-even-bother-to-recheck) English version:

Wait for me here,
With the fragrance of sweet love
Misting in the silence of the night
Till the end of dawn
Wait for me there
With the nervous beat of thy heart,
Rhyming from the early rise
Till the dim twilight
Wait for me as the wind blows
With the soft breeze of love
That thou greets from the blazing sun,
Till the silver of the full moon
Wait for me, mum,
For. I. have. missed. thee.


Sarah, this is how much emotions involved in making this card for you. May it warm your mum's heart too.


  1. Al-Fatihah to your late mum, che ngoh and Teh also. Miss them a lot.

  2. The card is beautiful.. Most of all the other beautiful things in life come by twos and threes by dozens and hundreds. Plenty of roses, stars, sunsets, rainbows, brothers, and sisters, aunts and cousins, but only one mother in the whole world."

    Al-Fatihah to your late mum.. i almost cried..


  3. Beautiful! I'm sure your mom was very proud of you..

  4. Al Fatihah to your mum, Miyyah... really love this entry... bergenang air mata...

  5. Al-Fatihah utk arwah Mama Miyyah....sedih baca entry nih...I'm sure your Mother would have loved to get a Mother's Day card from make them so your post huhuhuh....



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