Monday, May 10, 2010

Three little owl brothers

This is a slightly different card from the first owl Anniversary card. I love the fact that the owls can fit so many occasions! And yes, I know, the owls were such a hit even I couldn't get enough of them hehehehe...

At first I wanted to make some singing owls, but finding it very difficult to cut out the tiny music notes, thus, I gave up. :P Next time, then. I then tried keeping it simple by making them talking owls instead hehe.

The three little brothers were so close to each other, and you can guess who the eldest is, right? Yes, the one who instruct everyone else to do the talking, so he won't have to do any. As always, the youngest is the one who gets bullied at all times, and the middle brother gets away with anything ha!


  1. Alalalalalalaaa....comelnyaaaaaaa...sukanya tengok!!! Nice job! :)

  2. Hi Miyyah,
    Lama tak aktif dlm dunia blogging ni.
    I owned you something please email your addy to

    Nice owls!!!

  3. Wow! They are sooooo cute! Your quilling is beautiful!

  4. kiyut lar..burung2 tuu..nk gak..;)

  5. Thanks everyone.. glad you love them. :)

  6. wow... very cute...



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