Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Birds-eye view

Again, this is way long-overdue cards. It was a last-minute request, so I basically had less than a week to prepare two cards. But since I'm the last minute type as well, and I've just finished settling other orders at that time, it didn't turn to be a problem. It's more like a challenge, because usually it's not really easy for me to design cards according to themes. Hehe. But I'm glad I took up the challenge, and I simply couldn't ignore Sabrina's request for cards for her husband. Love always wins, and who am I to deny that? :P

She requested for two cards, one for her husband's birthday, and another one for her upcoming anniversary. She wanted the anniversary card to be in pastel colour, which happened to be what I had in mind as well (I was so into pastel too hehe).

The branches of the tree were actually inspired from the previous bookmark entry. I love the branches so much I know I had to make more of them!

And the wise owls who can talk are simply too cute to resist. Perhaps that's what anniversary should means right - being together through thick and thin (ness of the branches haha!), and staying cute and adorable throughout the years together. Aww.

The birthday card was requested in brown, and I have to admit that I had a bit of trouble designing them. I had actually scrapped a card before finally decided on this one.

I don't want it to look to flowery or too girlish since it's meant for a man, who likes brown hehe. I'm quite satisfied with the result (though I know I could do better next time :P), and I simply love the windy plants (it's not flowers, right? :P

 I can say that that is one manly bird hahaha!

Thank you Sabrina, for the opportunity!


  1. OMG!!! I love these cards...I especially love the owl card!!! It's the cutest thing I've ever seen!! Love the designs so much! I have yet to start quilling...not sure when I have the time to do it though huhuhuhuh...can't wait to start!! You have inspired me so much!


  2. Ooooohh....I love the cards! Esp the owl one since I love owls! I would love to have this card!

  3. cantik! nampak kemas je semua. love it all! =)

  4. sooo gorgeous laa miyyah...esp. for anniversary card tu..i miss to order for my anniversary tomorrow :(..insyaAllah next time..

  5. Anonymous10:11 pm

    Very sweet your owls. Congratulation for your work.

  6. Thanks for sharing your craft with us. Your work is absolutely stunning. You have inspired me to try different things and not just stick to the easy stuff when it comes to quilling. I have gotten loads of good ideas from you and cant wait to try them myself.

    thank you



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