Monday, May 24, 2010

Scrapbook of '94

The first time I tried my hands on proper scrapbooking, I thought it was ugly, that I scrapped it off after few days. Then I concentrated on making digital scrapbooking, mainly because I'm much better dealing with digital papers and embellishments rather than the real ones. I can do cards at any times, but scrapbooking need so much more - wider spaces, deeper thoughts, selection of pictures, selection of wordings etc.. which I'm totally scared of. And didn't I tell you that I tried to avoid pattern papers as much as possible? :P

And then, Shera happened. Shera is 14, and wanted me to design a special birthday present in a form of mini scrapbook album for her good friend (which will be in later entry). That itself immediately reminded me of when I was in high school (sometime in early 94), and did my first ever scrapbook to my best friend. It was nothing fancy, but I still wanted to share, as momentos always made me go all gooey and jelly hehe. It was made from a normal exercise book, and wrapped in a extra wrapping paper that I used to wrap my school desk with. At the front page I wrote: Just 4U2C: Miss Iza. (4U2C was also a name of a famous Malaysian boy band (back then), who claimed to be some rappers, and wore CD on their necks. Hahahaha!

Yes, it was meant for her, but I borrowed the book few years back to snap some pics, then totally forgot to give it back to her hahaha. Sorry Iza! Everything inside the book was written in a mix of Malay (in a wee bit Terengganu dialect) and a bit of English. There were almost 80 pages and I wrote on ALL the pages! - Things you do for your best friend :P.

As for what's inside... welll... you know.. hormones boiled at 16, and of course we went crazy over some hunks and artists and secret admirers in school. So one of the pages was dedicated to.. HAHAHAA. Sorry. Couldn't stop laughing. :P

This was the year when Azhar Sulaiman was famous (he still is!), and he was 23. He's now 39, but trust me, he didn't even age a bit. Here's the proof:

(I googled and found his facebook profile picture haha). I purposely blurred the writing because I was too embarrassed of what I wrote :P).

Since the dear friend went crazy over some international stars as well, one of the pages was this:

(Ugly handwriting alert!)

You see, my main source was the old magazines that my sister bought, and the only printed papers that I had were some scraps of wrapping papers found around the house. I made use of an old schoolbook, by tearing down the used pages. My daily school allowance was RM1.00 per day, so I don't have enough to even buy my own stuff without my parents' help :P

Here's another page - it was the secret crush page of 93 (oh well, we had our crushes changed every year anyhow... :P)

.. And this scrapbook wouldn't be completed without few pages mumbling about our classmates haha! (They're going to freak out if they know we did this, and still have the scrapbook to prove it! Sorry guys! :P)

And I'm saving this for last. It's a loooong story of how this guy came into being, and made my life a laughing stock (93 till now) HAHAHA. Let's just summarize that at 15, I smacked myself on the floor and somehow the brain got twisted so bad that I went crazy/ obsessed/ hysterical over this one particular famous person, and the ending of the stupid crush involved losing a bet and a broken heart hahaha. (And a long 2-page rambling in the scrapbook.) Erm, I torn my used-to be favourite pic of him to pieces - to symbolize how my heart was shattered in pieces too. LOL!

As this was also part of my past, and although I'm a hugely embarrased of what I did before (everytime I retold the story, everyone had tears in their eyes - from LAUGHING!), the absurdity of the whole thing always made me smile, and laughed.

Hope you've enjoyed the journey to my past. :) We'll go back to 2010 in the next entry, okay!


  1. hehehehe! I love this post! It sure does brings us down back to memory lane when we were younger and so innocent hehehe....when I look at your scrapbook, I thought of my own too..actually we all did pretty much the same thing ya? Gunting2 gambar dari newspaper and magazines of our heartthrob hehe...teringat balik kenangan lama ;)Best!!

  2. Check out these scrapbooking layouts and ideas. A great scrapbooking resource

  3. HEY!..azhar sulaiman was my heartthrob... and still is... BUT not his voice...muahahhaha

  4. lin, i guess newspapers and mags memang our main source for scrapbooks. Masa tu mana nak cari craft stores. Kalau ada pun, tak mampu nak beli.

    stacy, thank you. :)

    cikladyfinger - azhar was everybody's hearttrob dulu. ntah ada apa ngan dia pun x tau hahaha.

  5. hahaha.. those were the days. azhar sulaiman tu cute apa?

    cik miyyah tak minat NKOTB ke? kami dulu siap cop sorang satu, kekekekekeke...

  6. First time reading, much appreciate it



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