Friday, May 21, 2010

Those Little Gifts

I couldn't take full credits over these, since they were made by almost everybody in the house. My nephews are having Teacher's Day celebration at their kindy today, so they wanted something to give to their teachers. My sister bought some books and some wrappers and everyone sat down yesterday evening and wrapped everything up.

I provided the brown recycle paper for the outer wrap, together with those little quilled flowers (some of my pre-made flowers already in the collection).

Afiq, my nephew, got so excited over the gift and he wrote down every teacher's name on the brown paper. Which I think is totally adorable, given that he has a very neat handwriting for a 6 year old and he had meticulously arranged all the writings to be just below the flowers. Cute!

He even made sure that he underlined all their names, to show how important they are. And every time he finished writing a name, he would bring the gift to my dad, who acted like a proofreader LOL! And the brother, Afif, couldn't keep his hands off the gifts, and kept on rearranging them, with huge grin plastered on his face.

Hope the teachers are having a blast today!


  1. Comelnya hadiah2 nih......suka betul I tengok! Love them!

  2. tulisan nie cantik kalu buatcard2 tomey..not skema nyer font....huuhuhhu

  3. lin, actually the pics didn't do justice on them. pics ambil malam, so a bit pucat and blurry (tak readjust camera). The wrap is actually a bit brownish, tp dalm gambar nampak macam kelabu pulak.

    mizam, kannn... geram tgk tulisan dia cantik. tulisan makcik dia pun x cantik camtu hahaha. lepas ni boleh upah budak kecik tu.

  4. awesome and nice writing ! so cute =)

  5. kak miyyah. hi! br terjumpe blog akak. m sooooo in love with all ur quill art! adorable n wonderful! {jatuh♥}

  6. Owwhhh...brown ker?? Tapi warna kelabu ni pun I suka...cantik juga colornya hehehe



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