Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Home-Made Scrapbook Album (sounds like Muffin, isn't it? :P)

I've talked a bit about Shera in my previous entry.  So here's the mini scrapbook album that I made for her. Truthfully, after few failures of making good scrapbook pages, I was a bit worried that I couldn't do the album according to her requested details (which is like a page long hehe!). Aaannnnd I was a bit worried that I couldn't make the album 'young' enough, since both Shera and her friend were like... half my age! (okay, a bit less than half :P).

She wanted kanzashi flowers, and I made three of them using sugar paper, and I really like the result! I designed the pattern paper (yes, from scratch), and used Words to decide on the colours. Since I tried to avoid huge patterns, I decided to tone down the prints, and use repetition of stripes, boxes, squares, frizz etc as the patterns. And they worked! There are 16 pages altogether (including the front and the back). I made the tags using chipboards and printed words, and decorate the pages with ribbons and flowers.

These were all the pages that I've made, but minus the flowers for the inside pages (since I've added them at the very last minute and  wrapped everything up before realising I didn't take the final pic!

I'm very proud to say that all the items used in the making of the scrapbook were bought from normal stationery shop, and I printed the papers, notes and tags, and none were bought from any craft stores (including the ribbons!).

Sincerely hope Ryhana would love the album. :)


  1. I really like these kinds of books. Might try making one as soon as I have the time! I know it takes a lot of time from designing, printing and assembling just one :)

  2. Owhhss miyyah... you are SOOOO RAJIIIIINNNN... I Loike vry muchi-muchi... hehhehe..LOIKE everythin you hv done actually, esp the teacher's day package..!!!

  3. lovely la kak miyyah!! suke sgt2.. the colour tone pun very sweet..

    bile kak miyyah ckp sume beli dkt normal stationary shop, as teringat pena baca kat satu buku kraf. dia ckp, things might be limited, but it is ur imagination that make everything come true! (lebih kurang mcm tu la.. hehe)

  4. Aishah, i just use words to design the pattern - really easy even for beginners!

    cikladyfinger - ini bukan rajin dah hahaha.. terpaksa buat sebab dah agree :P but it was fun. :)

    asma', very true, your words. I can get easy access to craft shops, but always opt for stationery shops instead. Sebab rasa mcm takde thrill beli kat craft shop and just tampal haha..

  5. hye hye...

    cantik ah sb ne.. tak dapat cari kat blog lain... yg ne paaaling cute..

    alaa sis u buat la sb jugak ek.. im sure u'll be prof for both card n sb.. ;)

  6. good for you! - abt the stationery shop that is. kak pun kalau masuk one of those craft shops mmg kira window shop le.. nice/cute/etc but it lacks soul maybe cos it's effortless? i'd rather browse blogs for inspiration - final work still own juice, tak best lah kalau copy 100% kan?

  7. my goodness this (and everything you quilled) is wonderful!

  8. NICE!cantik sangat!

  9. hai kak , klw nk tempah mini scrap book for my twin , boleh ?. how much ye ?. . :)

    ty akak email saya ye . .

  10. Woooooooooooooooooow
    This is amazing MSA,you did a great job.
    like the colors,the pattern,the flowers.. everything is just perfect :)



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