Monday, March 22, 2010

Revamping and Rewrapping

Yeay for the new simplistic design on miyyah@kertas! I've been wanting to change the whole template for ages, but it would just mean headache to understand all the html codes. But yesterday, my mood was in full swing so I started by designing new header instead. And I got caught up with that so very much and decided to change to whole look completely hehe. I experimented in a test blog (it's always good to have one so you won't mess with your main blog), and with help from Prof Google and Mr. Photoshop, I finally liked what I saw. And transfer the whole coding into miyyah@kertas and TADAAA... here it is!

I'm totally loving my new header! And the new look!

Ok, let's go back to the main story.

Remember when I made the blue calendar I told you that I was totally in love with the pattern paper? Well, I love the retro design so much that I wanted some for my own use. Since I still have some extras from the previous project, I decided to use them and start wrapping everything in blue hahaha:

Okay, perhaps not everything. I just managed to wrap four items though hehe. Okay, I love collecting adhesives, and these three are my favourites, and they seem to coordinate in blue! The big-size bottle is the PVA glue (my fav! and non toxic!), and I use the smaller bottle on the right for refill purpose - so I only have to bring the small glue bottle instead of barging in with the huge, and heavy PVA. On the left side is my trusted glue stick. I only buy glue sticks in blue-coloured brands haha. There's something about glue stick being blue. :P

The quilled flower was one of those flowers lying around in my box, so I just stick one on a blue and white card, put them up nicely and the PVA bottle looks much, much better. :)

And when I thought I could just stop wrapping all my blue-coloured craft items, I found an eraser in black. Doesn't it look much better now? Oh how I love colour co-ordinations.

Need. to. do. more. wrappings. And need to buy more adhesives. So far I've got the PVA white craft glue, the glue stick, the tacky glue, the glitter glue, the superglue, glue guns, glue spray, all kinds of tapes...

What's next? Mod podge!

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