Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tutorial: Another Paper Flower

It's been ages since I last updated my tutorial section. I'm feeling good this week (regardless the camera incident), so here goes another tutorial on how to make Another Paper Flower (never got tired of them!)

Materials needed:

Any types of paper (for the purpose of the tutorial, I'm using dark pink construction paper @ sugar paper)
Brads/ Craft wire
Paper flower punch/ Scallop scissors/ Any other craft scissors
(if you don't have any of those, a simple paper scissors will do)

Firstly, punch out 8 -10 paper flowers. If you don't have any flower punch, you can use scallop scissors or any other means, as long as you get enough flowers. I use paper punch because it's easier, and because I'm finally able to make use of the flower punch that I've bought ages ago hehe!

So here are the flowers:

Then arrange them together like this:

Poke two small holes in the middle of the flowers using sharp needle or pin.

Use brad or soft craft wire to tie all the flowers together. I'm using brads, but you can also use craft wires.

Once everything has been tied up nicely, here comes the fun part. Scrunch the first layer of the petals like this:

Then scrunch the 2nd layer of the petals. And continue scrunching the 3rd, and repeat the same step for all the layers of the petals. It will turn out like this:

Then, using your fingers, open up the scrunched papers slowly, to make it blossoms into a nice looking flower.

And repeat all the steps again if one flower is not enough (it never will!). And there you have it, your Another Paper Flowers, ready to be used as your craft embellishment.

The fun part of this flower-making is that you can use any types of papers and get flowers of different sizes and textures. This is what it looks like when I use my scallop scissors to make the flower. It's slightly bigger than the punched flowers, but I still love the effects.

I smudged the corners using red stamp pad to get the nice tone effects. And this one is done using baking paper cups:

Looks good to be decorated on boxes!

Try out your own Another Paper Flower using other types of shapes/ craft scissors and different types of papers - newspapers, mags, tissue paper, glossy paper, pattern paper etc.. and don't forget to try on combination colours on a flower (e.g dark pink and light pink would do wonders on a flower)

Just have fun experimenting ok! :)


  1. envy u right now...
    i think u understand what i mean..hahhaha
    i want that magical hand

  2. Wonderfull idea!

  3. mizam: it's not magical hands, it's the constant addiction of digging the internet and experimenting new things hehe :P

    neli: give it a try, I'm sure you'll create something more wonderful!

  4. Wonderful tutorial and a great flowers. Off to give it a try...

  5. Wonderful tutorial and a great flowers. Off to give it a try...

  6. huh kau perli blog haku under jabatan kerja raya ya? hahahah mizam laa!!! dia salah!!! hahah la la la..

    beb...sakit perut tgk munga ni...u mmg laa buat haku jeles tahap!!!! terus gastrik!

  7. nagella, make more beautiful flowers ok! :)

    norlie, kalo jkr lambat buat keje, saman aje hahaha...x pun mintak discount banyak2 hehe...

  8. ohhh cantik nya bunga niii..
    tkasih dgn tutorial nii...
    akak nk cuba buat...

  9. Anonymous12:36 pm

    cantik sgt.. nak try juga la..



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