Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Black Box

It has been a tiring week week so far. I've been running around and trying to settle few things in between.  My convocation is coming up and I just noticed a mistake in my name (so need to do correction with the university), there are more permanent jobs to apply, orders to fulfill, things to buy etc. Oh, and there's KL International Book Fair to go. Well, I've been there twice already, and bought few interesting books (that I would love to share later!), and am planning to go again on Saturday. There goes my budget for the month!.

Let's go back to the main agenda: The black box.

I didn't plan the box to be black and white. But I happened to go to a stationery shop last week and saw this gorgeous looking wrapping paper. with. eyes-rolling-with-excitement. price. tag. I ended up buying 3 pieces with plentiful of ideas of what to do with them. And I will probably go back to buy some more hehe.

This is actually meant as a packaging for a bulk order that I received. I've done making all of them (with tons of FUN in between). I can't reveal what yet (though totally tempted to) since I'm yet to send them to their owner, so for the time being, just enjoy the box okay.

I'm totally into packaging right now, and boxes are always my favourite. I thought of adding ribbons to the box, but then, it doesn't feel right as it would take away the beauty of the pattern paper. So I simply gave a dash of a quilled flower on top. After all, simplicity is what I always go for. Let's take a sneak peak of what the inside looks like :P

I've included the card since it fits in the whole black and white theme. It even matches the quilled flower outside.

I hope Are-ween would love the box, and the things that come with it!


  1. This is so pretty and quite unusual! I'd say you have developed a new technique with the layers of quilling paper in the scrolls.

  2. Nagela5:42 am

    It was very beautiful. The truth is that black and white makes an impact! Thank you for visiting my blog and comment.

  3. Thank you Ann, glad you like it. I'd rather called the technique as an evolving one, instead of a new one, since I got the idea from Jane Jenkins, I think.

    Nagela, I know! I love black and white too.. especially black. Black can fit in any colour perfectly!

  4. akkk , can u help me how to make this one ?



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