Thursday, August 28, 2008

Homart - Your Homemade Market

Received this email from Tita that's worth to check out.

(click to see what's on)

Hi everyone:

You are invited to come and browse at Homart on the 30th & 31st (Saturday and Sunday) of this month from 10 to 8, at Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang. We have a great variety of items for sale, such as, Indonesian food, Pakistani embroidered textiles, organic cotton, linen clothes, pre-loved goods and books, cup cakes, fresh bread, silk shawls, kaftans, and cotton bed covers, and selected arts and crafts from the region, as well as, fantastic pieces of jewelry.

As an extra attraction, we will have a Peruvian musician playing the pipe and flute. Come and check it out.

A market that's full of home-made items sounds tempting enough that I've decided to give it a try. Will InsyaAllah be there on Saturday.

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