Sunday, August 24, 2008

Project Runway - A Reality

I'm not sure whether you're a Project Runway junkie like me, but I'm going to tell anyway. Well, I adore Project Runway so much. Evertsince the series started in US couple of years ago, I became a loyal fan. At first, it was just PR US, then the series spread its wings to PR Canada, and changed its name to Project Catwalk in the UK. Even Malaysia was also having the fever by producing a local-made Project Runway Malaysia last year. To tell you the truth, thanks to You Tube I've watched (and still watching) all of them, regardless the countries.

I love watching how the designers exercising their brains to pull out a wonderful outfit. Some were really good and I became a huge fan of them, even when the season ends. For example, I love Daniel Vosovic, Nick Verros, Michael Knight, Jeoffrey Sabilia and Christian from PR US, and Biddel and MG of PR Canada, Michael (sumthin) from Project Catwalk and many others.

I'm still following PR closely now, with PR US season 5 and PR Australia starting in Season 1. I'm rooting for Joe (PR US 5) and Lui from PR Australia. I love Lui ever since PR Australia made its debut in the first episode where he mentioned that he was born and raised in Malaysia but later became a pr in australia. I love his works so much because most of them are practical and yet beautifully done. He's in top 4 now (I haven't watch the latest episode yet) and I do predict he deserved a spot in the finals and could even win PR Australia if he maintained his workmanship. Well, if you don't know who he is and never watch PR Aussie, you should start watching it now on Youtube.

Right. Why am I bubbling about Project Runway and Lui from PR Australia in particular?

Because I've met Lui yesterday.
Yes. You heard it right.
I met him.
On a tram.
In Melbourne.
With his family.

I was on hiatus for the past few days for an academic trip to Melbourne, Australia (had loads of FUN!) and I met him on my last night there. We were on our way back to the motel by taking a tram, and a few stops later, a group of people boarded the tram and sitting few seats in front of me. In just a glimpse, I know it was him. I was jumpy and excited and literally smiling to the ears.

So I approached him. Yes, I did. AND I TOOK A PICTURE WITH HIM. Hehe.

And here it is:

(can you see how excited I was in the picture hahahhaha)

Of all the people in Melbourne, I bumped into him. Luck was definitely on my side. ;p


  1. oooo

    such a sweet encounter.

    never really watched PR, I'm more to food programs. :)

  2. Yuhuuu! This is what the law of attractions is all about. Never watched PR Australia but..that Lui guy is a total hunk *heheh* Miyyah you're one lucky gal! Have a Happy Ramadhan dear! ^____^



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