Saturday, September 06, 2008

Paper Butterflies

Sorry for the long silence. I've started my new temporary work at the uni so life's been quite busy lately. Really hope to be able to catch up with you guys soon. Thank you for leaving comments on Project Runway hehe. (Well, I guess nobody watches PR Australia in Malaysia except for me - yeah, I'm a freak! Btw Lui had been ousted from PR Australia - the last elimination before the finals)

Since there are so many things pending now (Work, assignments, presentations, swaps, challenges, orders etc), I've had to start somewhere. Since today's replacement class is postponed to another date, I used the whole day to start on the paper butterfly swap. I have to start early, as other things are really piling up! I managed to do 9 paper butterflies, and plan to continue with the rest somewhere next week. Still need to coat the butterflies with nail polish, but that would have to wait till next week.

This is for Lovescrap/SKAC Paper Butterfly Swap which is due sometime after raya. Hoho! I have thousands of assignments to submit after raya so that's why I have to start making them now. Well, I chose to do quilled butterflies (ok, planned to do husked butterflies but don't think I have the time to set up the tools), since I already have everything I need at home.

So here goes the 9 butterflies (ignore the messy cutting mat hehe):

Close up:

Will post later on the last bookmark swap. :)

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