Sunday, August 03, 2008

Flowers are red.

Everything seems to go against my will to blog lately. I am yet to go to Canon Service Centre to repair my camera due to time constraint, the printer cum scanner broke down so I can't print, and I can't even scan. So I basically was shone away from putting up pictures on my blog. And when I finally managed to take few pictures and ready to update, blogger goes haywire. It took me HOURS to publish this. So stressed out now.

By the way, I spent the weekend finishing up orders from Sakiinah who requested for hand-made gifts to be given as souvenirs for her 3 Japanese friends. Since she wanted to have pictures of them as well, at first I thought of decorating a photo frame. But I can't seem to get the idea right, and I found the idea to be too cliche as well. Haha.

So I made what I always do best - hand-made cards. The twist is that that I attached a 7" X 7" photo frame together with a card. I'm not sure whether this can be called as 'kawai' stuff (she specifically requested for that), but the final result was:

(again, I struggled to make pictures out of the dysfunctional camera - and photoshop helps a LOT!)

The cover (this is from 3 slightly different designs):

Zoom in the butterfly and the flowers:

The butterfly was made using embossing technique. All you need would be a tracing paper, white colour pencil, embossing pen and scissors to cut. Oh. and pearls to embellish. Will show a how-to later when time permits (and camera fixed).

Inside: (with an IKEA photo frame)

I made three of them:

I'm sooo into those little bling-bling & pearls. I bought more pearls in different colours (blue, black and brown) and some red, and blue bling-blings hahha. Even though the process of gluing them onto the paper is quite difficult, but the end-result would surpass all that.

Oh. Anyone interested in ordering, feel free to email ya! (for those who are keras in craft)

Materials used: Cardstocks, flowers from wrapping paper, tracing paper, ribbons, IKEA frame, needle and threads.

Techniques: Embossing, stitching, paper-cutting.

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