Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Life is not a Fairy Tale

Life is not a fairy tale. If it is, I would have changed everything according to my tale - no more wars, no more selfish people in the world, and that everybody should live in peace.

I'm a proud Muslim and I believe in peace in the world. I hate wars, I hate selfish people and I hate heartless humans who behave much worse than animals. If we can show sympathies over harmless animals, even took them into our care, and loved them as one of our own, why can't we show the same to other human beings?

Unlike animals, God rewards us with good brains, so we could think of the rights and the wrongs. Everybody is given choices in their lives, and whether you're making good choices, or bad choices, is totally up to you. If you choose to make your life a living hell, be my guest. And if you're choosing a life of bubbling happiness, I would like to be part of it.

Just stop making other people's life miserable, just because yours is.


  1. I love this! So sweeeeeeeeeet colornya and the design pun cantik! Great job!

  2. Great design! Love the colors!

  3. me blogwalking here...gorgeous cards and nice blog :) have a nice day!

  4. sgt cantik. sgt kemas. sgt suka!


  5. wowww!! cantiknya..
    sangat halus hasilnya..

  6. thank you everyone. Huhu.. asalnya ingat nak buat wedding card for someone, pastu rasa mcm x sesuai pulak.. even though it has a fairy tale feel to it. :P

  7. Anonymous2:21 am

    amazing. I love it very much.

  8. Hi hi .... its meee.. farida..

    i love this so much.. cantik sgt.. i bet u pun dah jemu i puji2 ne.. but seriously.. wowww..

    Sungguh teliti..

  9. kak miyyah, kad ni nampak sgt pure, calm and sincere ^__^ ad gaya cm english style.. suke2!

  10. awesome... i love it



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