Thursday, June 03, 2010

Fiery Plants of the Wild

I'm guessing this Wonderland idea that I had at the back side (on the right corner) of my mind is starting to get a strong hold of me. Not in the sense that it had intertwined between the imagination and the reality (oh well, sometimes it did LOL), but in the sense that it has provided a great escapism  from the usual things. Diversions, at certain times, are always welcome.

I have a lot of these plants in the Land, nestled wildly deep in the heart of the Nefari labyrinth. They're the fierce type, and twisting the two little branches for this card was tough - I went all scratchy and bloody and even burned my fingers in the process haha (okay, that was too much :P). The plant is gorgeous, so it's only normal that you'd want to keep a part of them with you.

In reality, they're quite shy and sensitive, and would immediately pops small sparkling fireworks when touched or shaken, and the sparkling fireworks would eat up all the remaining leaves. In other words, every time they're touched or shaken, they burned themselves (more like committing small suicide!). It was a horrifying scene, but it was always a pleasure to see them growing similar leaves again, once the fire has subdued. :)

And yes, the Fiery Plants reminded me so much of Phoenix. Am yet to do a research on the plant's historical journey to the Land, so perhaps they are related to the Phoenix. What do you think? :P


  1. Wow.....I love your bright colours and whimsical designs.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. rajinnye kak miyyah combine all the colours!! ♥ this is myterious yet wonderful!! betul la mcm phoenix ;)

  3. thank you cheryl!

    asma', the colours are actually randomly selected, from the scraps of previous projects. :)



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