Thursday, February 04, 2010

This is Irie.

Meet Irie.

This was how she looked like almost a year ago in some Statistics class. That's where she was born. Yes, Irie was born in a. Statistic. Class.

Back then, her brain was bursting out from learning the formulas of Standard Deviation. And Regression. And Correlations. And answers to some hypotheses. Her eyes squinted to the fact that she had to survive a 3-hour Statistics class every week. Numbers are not Irie's favourite things. Yes, she's a robot, but robots have hearts too. Too much of not-so-favourite things occupying Irie's head, the brain ought to explode too. As you can see, hers did. But as you can also see, Irie loves smiling, and she can smile her way out of everything. :)

But since that almost-a-year had passed now, Irie could look back with one satisfied grin on her face.

Her brain is back in place, her hair grew again, and her body glows in shocking pink! And her heart is now so big it could fit in her pocket.

Irie has gone through some transformation on her own, and now she sports a spunky hairdo, splashes some bright colours as her new fashion, and has gained few kgs. She likes eating greens, and spicy food and she reads Japanese manga during her free time. She loves watching Chuno, as her heart boils and her eyes wide with excitement whenever she sees blood splatter and swords flying in the air.

Can you see Irie's smile? Wide, isn't it? Enough to make your heart flutter.


  1. assalam...miyyah...

    very creative ...welcome to the club

  2. I scrolled through your quilling posts and really like your style - it is so happy! I was especially impressed with your quilled robot, Irie. I am so glad that you showed us your original doodle that lead to the creation of Irie. You showed others that you can design your own patterns, and that you can create anything with quilled coils and scrolls. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us!

  3. Thank you for dropping by Charlotte! Since Irie's been born, I'm getting excited and started digging up my old notebooks for more doodlings that perhaps could be turned into quilling! :) There're still a lot more to improve on, especially on personal quilling style. Hope to get where you are soon!



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