Monday, February 01, 2010

A.l.p.h.a.b.e.t.s = a 9-letter word.

Alphabets always remind me of this song (hahahaha):

Lately I've been having the so-called crafter's block. I got drained from similar designs that I kept on making, and can't seem to find any new or fresh ideas. Quilled flowers are always popular, but they did drain me somewhere along the process. So I've decided to take a break from flower quilling - since I still have flower stocks enough to make 15 cards.

And I start making alphabets, and numbers. And pasted them on the small cards made from some craft leftovers and decorated them with some small flowers.

Here's an M for Miyyah.

A for Alert

T stands for Tough.

And H stands for Harmonious. or Hot. Whichever you like. :P

.. and together they form the word MATH - a subject that is not really to my liking hahaha.

I got addicted to making them now! I've quilled all the numbers (0-9) and have done almost 15 letters now - of different colours. Hehe. Here's some of them as well:

A three on a tree.

A five in a pot.

And a seven up with the limes.

[Click play again]
Let's sing together now... ABCDEFGHI....

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