Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thank You

Some of these cards were made ages ago, and some others were made in December. All were meant to be Thank You cards for lecturers, ordered by a friend (I am yet to do mine).

I don't quite remember where I put the rest of the pics that I snapped - it must be in a folder somewhere. But the thing is, I'm sorting out all the Miyyah@Kertas folder in my laptop, so it's a mess and sometimes it's hard to find what I'm looking for.

Since I found these first, and it's been a while since my last post anyway, so I'm uploading these first. If I can find others, I will update again, k!

Let's start with this card:

I made this basically ages ago, and it is one of those simple, easy-to-make card that one can make in less than 5 minutes. I love simplicity, so this is one of my favourite. Not really doting on the maroon background, and need to improve a lot on my stamping skill (still messy!).

The close-up (it's paper flower, but it's not handmade by me - I bought them)

And the next card gives a bit of masculine vibe to it (I think!) since it's grey, black and white.

I HEART the butterfly, as it gives soften the card a bit, but still came out looking like a dashing, cool butterfly hehe.

Next card: blue, white, black and grey. Well, as I was digging my boxes, I realised that I have more black and white (and grey) ribbons more than any other colours! It's easier to mix and match with black and white ribbons, but I still need to buy ribbons of other colours as well. Hmm... b & w ribbons need to be banned for a while :P

Hence, this card is made totally out of ribbons hehe..

The next card is what I called the card of the wooden butterfly LOL. It's purple and pink combination, and I thought this is a contrast card to the black & white butterfly in the card above. At least metaphorically LOL. (I'm thinking too much, am I not?)

The butterfly was actually from earrings (I mentioned about it in my previous post), and as I said, I bought a lot of those at a very good, discounted price, and use them as part of my cards. It's a great way of finding great things for your craft without having to pay much. And it comes in pair as well hehe.

Next, is another favourite card, using my favourite free stuff tools - IKEA measuring tape LOL.

As I mentioned before, the good thing about black and white is that you can mix them with absolutely any colour, and the outcome will still be ok.

And last but not least, a happy butterfly card - unlike the dashing-looking butterfly, or the hard-headed purple butterfly, this one cheers you up with its vibrant colours. Yellow and orange mix really well together - striking and exciting.

Loved the texture of the yellow card. The yellow was actually a pretty strong colour, but it looked like it had been soften in the pic.

Hope these bunch of cards would cover up my absence since my last post. Will try and post sooner, once I got everything back in order. :)

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