Monday, January 04, 2010

2010 Calendar v 2.0

Hope it's not too late to wish everyone a happy new year! 2009 has been a fabulous year, and I'm really hoping that 2010 would take up a notch on the 'fabulous' adjective hehe.

After making the last calendar, I thought of making a few more, but at last, I could only manage to finish two - one for belated birthday present, and another for a friend who celebrated the 1st of Jan with me haha.

This one goes to the friend who celebrated the coming of New Year with me by watching Avatar 3D (which was really cool), and who always cheered me up by stuffing ourselves with food every time we meet haha.

I made this using all of my favourite colours again (earth colours), and with the thought of the one on the receiving end. The desk calendar came across looking a bit masculine haha, but I think it suited her perfectly - coz she's a tough woman with a strong heart and a very, very thick head haha.

In case you're wondering, I didn't make the centerpiece, it was actually from earrings which I found on sale at Jusco hehe. It was very cheap soo I bought some of them (in different designs - roses, butterflies etc), and pull out all the unnecessary parts of the earrings and use them for my crafts. Cool FOUND huh? (This time I would selfishly resist from telling the price haha)

This is the layout for all the upcoming months of 2010:

And it feels good to take a break from quilling once in a while hehe. I'm applying the same theme in all 12 months, and make use of the FOUND paper punch that I bought at Daiso last time. And this is how each card look like:

I'm no professional stamper, so I messed the papers up with uneven stamping and smudges all over the calendar haha.

But I still thought it's a beautiful mess, because it shows how much love I've put in making the whole thing. :)

And I apologize for the shadowy pictures - they were taken in a hurry at a very dim cafe, with a very outdated camera haha - but at least they came out pretty well hehe..

As you can see, each month sports similar design, but with slightly different arrangement to it.

And as you can also see, this calendar is also flooded with white buttons haha..

...just because I have plenty of them haha (done restocking black and white buttons).

And since I'm going green, except for the card stock for the base of the calendar and the pattern paper (again, it's actually wrapping paper), and the buttons, the rest were made from recycle papers - most are extras from previous crafts etc.

And the brown paper.. well.. it was from nasi lemak wrappers hahaha (unused ones :P)

The cardstock for the base of the card was actually grey in colour, and I use some splashes of olive green (my fav!) to the cards as well.

I like refering these as cards more than as calendar, because I think they can be reused as monthly birthday cards.

And I don't like repeating the 2010, so 2010 was only stamped once on the box, but were not stamped anyone on the individual cards.

Haha, when I see it - December was done in such a mess. The numbers looked like they're about to collapse LOL.

The above shows how the calender should stand on a working desk. And below is what I've written on the inside of the cover:

Yeah. It has always been an ugly handwriting, but it gets uglier these days heh. And the smug face below is the recipient of the calendar hehe.

Babe, can you believe we've survived this roller-coaster friendship for 18 years? How did that happen hahahaha...?!

p/s: Next time, let's do that Korean buffet, pizza, grilled chicken and that plentiful of desserts again!

(it's the backside of the calendar box. Still need to have a properly done rubber stamp)

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