Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Doodles o' Doodles!

I remember those days when I was still a student, one of my favourite past times (besides making cards & book hunting) was to doodle. My notebooks were full of doodlings - and don't let me start on the kinds of doodlings that I did back then hahaha..

So on one sweet day last week, I had this crazy idea while browsing the net, and started to cut 12 pieces of cards, and doodled them. Haha. The initial plan was to make a calendar, and I did turn them into a 2010 calendar... but I went a wee bit crazy with the doodlings and ithey ended up looking like some 5 year old's drawings hahaha. Oh well, I did the doodlings and the colouring while watching Iron Chef at 1.00 in the morning. And I did fall asleep sometime in between and then woke up and continued doodling and then fell asleep again haha..

Who cares anyway. I'm still sharing the horrifying results though hahaha.

So here come my very own 2010 desk calendar!

I made a box to keep the 12 calendars in tact, and the box also serves as the stand (will show you later). The colourful wrapper is leftover from other crafts that I did, and even though it went against the whole doodling concept of the calendar, I used it anyhow, coz the wrapper's been there like ages soI had to do something bout it.

And here's the 12-month calendar:

Now for individual month, let's start with January (umbrella ella ella)

February (not sure whether the yellow thing is a bird, chicken or monkey hahaha)

March (HAHAHAHAHA on the birds)

April (I thought this bit is ok-looking)

May (the markers went haywire)

June (don't really like the colour combination)

July (a bit simple)

August (the trees were probably from Mars hahaha)

September (it's a long way home huh)

October (those were not the colours of the rainbows, but who cares! :P)

November (abstract)

December (those are mutant butterflies - ahahaha, am really bad at doodling butterflies :P)

And this is how the desk calendar looks like:

And that's the end of the doodling calendar. I know I doodled pretty badly haha, but am still proud of the calendar, and will proudly use it the whole of next year, InsyaAllah.

You probably love doodling too (who doesn't!), so give it a try and just. let. go. It's a good stress reliever for me, and I had fun drawing and colouring and sleeping in between. It feels like a kid again. :)

p/s would probably start on professional-looking calendars later.


  1. Cute one, Miyyah!

    Yup, I think u should start soon for 2010 calendar, now's the time ;)

    It's a also a suitable pressie for those whose bday falls in December :P

  2. Miyyah,

    love ur calendar..agreed with tita..suitable pressie..should start for 2012..hehe..i love to hv much ar??hehe..



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