Thursday, October 29, 2009

Card-Runway (Part 1)

I'm always a sucker for reality tv, be it Us-based, UK-based, Aussie-based or Malaysian-based reality shows, I'm all in. And one of my favs would of course be Project Runways. I've basically watched all of the previous seasons of PR USA, PR Canada, PR Australia, Project Catwalk UK and even PR Philippines hehe. The Runway USA season 6 is back (at the time of this writing, there're still 7 more designers left standing) so I'm totally hooked on that (p/s I have my online video sources).

And since I've been making a lot of cards last couple of weeks, it's an honour to present to you my very own card runway show hehe. It's a collection of 10 + 1 cards, made in request of the lovely Ms Aida, my junior during the uni years, as her farewell gifts for her colleagues.

The runway collection will be divided into 3 parts (4-4-3 combination), just because I wanted to. Hehe. So here goes Part 1 of my card runway show:

Card 1: I started the experiment with paper cutting with quilled butterfly as the highlight.

Card 2: Took one of the flowers from card 1 and turn them into quilled flowers

Card 3: The flowers then evolved into a dozen of quilled sunflowers

Card 4: Some of the flowers blossomed into this:

(I use the technique of paper punching, embossing and stamping)

Not until this project came into being that I realised there is a recurring trend of my cards. Apart from quilling, I just realised that I'm not really into pattern papers, and I'm not really good in using pattern papers for my cards (as can be seen above). However, I did try to use pattern paper on one of the cards.. but that would be in part 2 of my Card Runway project.

See ya then!


  1. I like the card you made. It is beautiful.You are so creative.

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