Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My First Bouquet

When I first graduated (there will be a 2nd and 3rd time InsyaAllah) back in 2002, I never got any bouquet of flowers like others normally did. All I get was a small bear wearing a graduation cap and carrying a heart-shape balloon.

My sisters said they looked everywhere for flowers, but unfortunately, all were sold out. It was a convocation fiesta after all - everybody wanted flowers. I'm not really into flowers, but of course you would want to hold something in your hand when you take the photos on one of the best days in your life. Oh well, I'll make sure everyone brings a bouquet each for my next graduation then. :P

Back to my post then.

Ever since I started quilling, I've always wanted to do bouquets of flowers but always ended up doing something else (and it made me think of graduation too). This is the first time I made a small bouquet of flowers -that carries only three flowers hahaha. It's still experimental, as it's my first time doing the flower arrangement.

The flowers were made made ages ago, and been lying in my box for quite sometimes. So I finally had the chance to experiment them together. And please ignore the uneven width of the strips (for the flowers. That's what you get if you freely cut papers into quilling strips without using any ruler. The leaves were made using strips that were cut using the paper cutter. Will show you the result of the strips cut using the paper shredder later. :)

Now I know quilled flowers can be addictive too, huh. I'll try referring to real bouquets of flowers for my next project. :)

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