Saturday, August 08, 2009


I'm starting a new Found! section. :) Found! will focus on craft tools and ideas that can be found anywhere, and came with drop dead prices. I'm a craft addict, and yet, I'm very calculative when it comes to buying some 'spensive crafts. So I would usually look for the craft substitutes that would work the same, but with cheaper value. I love window shopping (who doesn't) and sometimes you could really find some items that comes with very good value!

For example, I bought my first quilling tool at RM15, at a local craft shop. I later found out that the same type of tool was sold at an art shop for RM15 - for two! And the ink pads that are usually sold at craft shops for RM9.90 to RM15.00 per box - I found similar pads (but not branded) at only RM3.50 per box!

Okay, will tell about the other founds later. For this entry, I would love to share my latest found - Paper Shredder. You have no idea how long I've been looking for that perfect paper shredder - not to big, portable, shreds papers of good sizes for my quilling etc. I've searched almost all bookstores and stationery shops that I could find, and the cheapest was sold at RM99.90 - and that was only for limited time. It's huge in size, and the shredded papers were not really good for quilling purposes (6mm per shredded piece).

Ever since I started quilling, I've never bought any specially-made quilling papers that can easily be found at craft shops. I cut my own papers, and I recently bought a paper cutter (at only RM39.90!) so the task was getting easier. Getting a paper shredder would make all my hard word paid off easily. So when I found this paper shredder on sale yesterday, I got really excited and could not stop grinning inside the shop.

It's very light, portable, and the shredded piece is 3mm - which is PERFECT for my quilling! I could simply plug in the usb port to my computer and tadaa.. the shredder is ready.

And guess how much this shredder cost? It's sold at only RM29.00! The A4 size shredder (with similar lightness but a bit bigger in size) was sold at RM39.00. I took the smaller one coz I don't really care about the sizes, what I do care is the shredded pieces hehe.

Can't wait to start using the new machine!!

Oh, it also comes with this instruction - which I thought was quite hilarious haha.

After all, it was made in China. :)

Found at: IT Hyperstore, now at Ground Floor, Cineleisure Damansara.
Sold at: RM29.00 (mini shredder) and RM39.00 (bigger shredder for A4 size paper)


  1. Nice info... thanks miyyah..

    ps: ni yg rs nk start balik wat quiling.. hehe

  2. I'm so glad to have found this!
    It's so tiresome to have to painstakingly measure 3mm and cut strip by strip, in different colours, and when i run out, i have to spend hours cutting again.

    Thanks so much for sharing this!

  3. kak miyyah
    do u know where can i buy this paper shredder... hv been searching 4 a while but evrything seems so expensive... if u know one, can u email me at this email

    thx a bunch sis=)

  4. Anonymous11:21 pm

    wht kind of paper that u use acctly????it is normal a4 paper??

  5. The shop has stopped selling the shredder. I even tried visiting the IT hypermart at IPC but they too have stopped selling the item.



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