Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Year End

I've been very quiet this year. I can hardly take orders (apart from close friends and family members) since I didn't want to make promises I can't keep due to the instability of my current life. I'm hardly at home during weekends, and spend most weekends travelling around, thus limiting my crafting hours.

I'm still doing things I love, and love things I do. I miss writing, but sometimes I just couldn't keep up the messy editing of the pictures and writing entries for the blog. It seems ages since I wrote lengthy entries, and I seriously miss that (even when I know some of my readers are just reading pictures and not my words haha)

Hence, to end the year, there will be a few special entries, on a topic that got the most hits on this blog: Wedding.

I've had the opportunity to prepare for my brother's wedding in late November/ early December (thus, my long silence), and had a blast doing it. I thought of sharing them with readers of this blog, and since I have plenty to share (yes, lots of pictures!), it'll come in few parts. Watch the space ok!

With that, I end today's entry with a  hope that Miyyah@Kertas will blossom next year. :) (the above is a card made during Paper Crafters Get-Together v3, and yes, will blog about that too!)

Signing off for now.


  1. its beautiful,hope your life dont get to busy that you cant enjoy doing the things you love to do and life itself !!!

    1. Thanks Paula! I'll make sure I'll enjoy life while it lasts hehe!!

  2. Yes, you've been really quiet. I cant wait to see more of your quilling projects!

  3. Miyyah, this is AWESOMEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yr work of art inspire me :)

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