Monday, October 01, 2012

Let the good times roll!

Before blogs exist, I was an avid journal writer. I wrote in details of what's going on in my life and kept that habit for a very long time. I kept my journals from years back, and once in a while, reading the pages reminded me of who I used to be and who I've become (so far).

...Until I got tired of reading about the past, and decided it was about time to let go some of the memories. I'm not very fond of my handwriting, but since I've put in so much energy into writing essay-length entries, I thought it was worth being appreciated.

Hey, you need to let go of the old memories to make way for the ones, right?

So this idea popped up.

The cover pages of the book was from an old diary. They weren't THAT old, but I aged the pages by dumping them into coffee-filled water - it didn't work well apart from giving that faint coffee smell, so I cheated and used distress inks instead. Ha!

This was also a part of an ongoing bookbinding challenge by Little Syam (my bookbinding guru), where we had to use recycle materials in our book design.

I still have a lot of pages (tons of them) left from my old journals, and I'd probably blend everything together and do some scented-recycle papers for keep. I just can't find time for that... yet. +__+

Meanwhile, enjoy the book! (but mind the handwriting!)



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