Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Books I adore

Few months back I had the opportunity to widen my craftscope and took up new challenge by attending bookbinding workshop organised by Little Syam. Yes, I do know the basic of bookbindings, as I've done them before (even posted some on the blog). However, I do believe that even with the easily-found tutorials online, you still need a real teacher to teach you things that youtube can't. I've learned a lot from Kak Syam - the techniques, the little tips you might miss, the types of paper/ glue/ tools etc. I would totally encourage those of you who are interested in bookbinding to join her class, as you'd get pretty much more than what you're expecting. At least I know I did.

This was one of the first few books I've made after attending the class (and I've continued making 12 others in a span of 1 month, for practice LOL). I use scrapbook paper as the base and brown recycle paper for the book signatures.

It doesn't even look like my style (which I think is more grungy and 'quilly' haha), but I've enjoyed experimenting anyway. Sometimes you just need to delve into something that is out of your comfort zone, to improve yourself.


  1. Dear Myyah, I came across your blog and I am thrilled with the work. I am a relative beginner (since November 2011) and learn from more experienced and better Quillers. You have so many wonderful and different styles that I'm a long time examining your posts. Your ideas are excellent and the works are indescribable. I wish you continued good luck and a lot of new ideas. Big hug from Croatia.

  2. I love bookbinding craft and would love to learn. Also prefer to have the support of a teacher who unfortunately have not found in minh city.
    Very beautiful work, loved the seams!

  3. Miyyah..cantik & kemas je..
    betul tu..kena berguru baru ilmu tu sampai..
    nk kena berguru ngan sifu gak nih..



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