Saturday, May 07, 2011

Wanita Hari Ini

Yep. That was me. On a live TV show. :)

I was informed that I would be featured on Wanita Hari Ini (WHI) talkshow merely a week before, and I was in the midst of preparing for my sister's wedding. Luckily, I was still on leave on the proposed date, and agreed to the request. (For my international readers, Wanita Hari Ini can loosely be translated as Women's Today - it's a daily 'live' talkshow which discusses different issues and topics and sometimes invites different crafters for the craft segment). The studio was pretty quiet, since there's no live audience, and that alone managed to calm my nerves. A lot. Heh. They didn't provide me any question beforehand so all answers were given impromptu.

They told me it was going to be 7 minutes. And it was the 7 minutes that changed a lot of things.

Within three hours after the aired segment, there was a sudden increased  of more than 600+ fans on Miyyah@Kertas FB page. A day later, the number reached more than 1000. The usual visitors to the blog always range between 100 - 200 visits daily. On 4th of May, the number spiked to 3929.  The pageviews that usually goes around 400-500 per day, went up to 23724 page views on that day alone! I was shocked. And stunned. And I've been bombarded with questions on the comment pages, and emails, which I still have to find time to answer.

To those looking for more info, and might miss the announcement on FB page, you can check Miyyah@Kertas Quilling FAQ section on top, which I believe, pretty much answered most of the posted questions. If you do have other questions apart from those already been answered, do post them on the FAQ section, and I'll address the answers later. I'm not doing this full time, and I still have to juggle between my day job (which! I! love!) and my other activities as well. I can only quill at night time, and during weekends, so please understand if it takes me some time to reply to them. Patience, my dear, is still one of human's biggest virtue, right? :)

I appreciate the sudden increase of interest in paper quilling - ecstatic was more like it haha - and it spiked the number of visitors to other quillers and cardmakers' blogs as well. It's about time Malaysian cardmakers get the lights they deserved, aite? :P

And amidst the chaotic week, I managed to finish up this frame hehe. Still had some neatness issue with the letters, and missing the dots on the i's due to the rush! LOL! :P

Still, enjoy the frame!

p/s: TV does make you look fat.


  1. i'd try this once i watched WHI .. hehe^^ its quite fun ! hahaha~

    commnt laa sikit if ada salah ke ape .. hehe .. follow this link :

    hehe^^ thanks coz introduce this !

  2. Fabulous!!!!
    You do gorgeous work! I am delighted!

  3. You do wonderful work, love the sign, and congrats being on the show!!!!!

  4. creative + awesome !


  5. Wow!!!!! miyyah, congrates :)

  6. proud of you.. hehe.. go go.. paper crafter @ Malaysia..

  7. Tahniah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. congratulations miyyah.sbb miyyah kuar WHI jugaklah saya dpt customer nak order for frame quilling!! :D

  9. nice work! congratulation =)

  10. Tahniah Kak, masuk Tv WHI lagi tue....heheheee jenguk2 lah blog sue yer....

  11. So proud of you, sis. Keep it up!

  12. Very nice fringed flowers! What is the best (any easy??) way of cutting the fringes?

  13. tahniah masuk WHI... pada hari tu, me memang tgk WHI and tak sangka itulah orangnya di sebalik name Miyyah@Kertas...hehe...



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